Sinkholes open in Florida ahead of tropical storm

Gov. Rick Scott is warning residents about heavy rains and flooding as the Central Florida region known as "sinkhole alley" is again plagued by sinkholes.
2:04 | 05/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sinkholes open in Florida ahead of tropical storm
All right, ginger, that tropical system is also leading to new concerns in Florida. The governor there warning of possible heavy rain and flooding. There are already multiple sinkholes opening up. You can see one in this drone shot in that neighborhood. Victor Oquendo is on the scene. Good morning to you, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. This area specifically this neighborhood just can't seem to catch a break. In all the rain in the forecast it's not going to help. That big sinkhole opened up behind us. The intersection blocked off. Live to our "Gma" drone. You can see it opened up in front of a home swallowing part of a driveway and the street and neighbors here tell us the homeowner hasn't lived there since February when another series of sinkholes opened up and her house was deemed unsafe. This Florida town plagued by sinkholes. Four sinkholes opening up this week. This one right in front of two homes in a retirement community. Swallowing part of a driveway and the street. We keep waiting for the driveway to collapse and then maybe the house to collapse. Reporter: At a nearby high school these depressions also forming near a parking lot. The persistent rain only making matters worse. Nine straight days of downpours. Already more than twice the average rainfall for the month of may. The heavy rains are going to trigger more sinkholes. Just weeks ago in Ocala, Florida, 15 sinkholes opening up in a retention pond forcing families from eight homes to evacuate. Last year this 225-foot-wide sinkhole north of Tampa swallowed and destroyed two homes. Neighbors capturing the moment the roofs came crashing down and houses crumbing and in 2013 one sinkhole turning deadly when it formed underneath a man's bedroom and he vanished into the Earth. Another live look from our drone. The sheriff's office is asking residents to be careful and alert them if they see anything that might be a sinkhole. Governor Rick Scott also now warning floridians letting them about the potential for rain and flooding this week. Thank you so much for that, Victor.

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{"id":55375165,"title":"Sinkholes open in Florida ahead of tropical storm","duration":"2:04","description":"Gov. Rick Scott is warning residents about heavy rains and flooding as the Central Florida region known as \"sinkhole alley\" is again plagued by sinkholes.","url":"/GMA/News/video/sinkholes-open-florida-ahead-tropical-storm-55375165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}