Surgeon general discusses White House holiday party, vaccines

Dr. Jerome Adams explains the decision to have indoor Hannukah and Christmas parties as well as addresses the possible vaccine rollout.
4:03 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for Surgeon general discusses White House holiday party, vaccines
For all the answers joining us exclusively now surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams. Dr. Adams, thanks for being here. I want to start before we get to the vaccine news with announcement out of the white house they're planning to hold holiday parties indoors at the white house. Americans have been told we can't see our families, yet the white house is planning to hold holiday parties indoors. What kind of message is this I want the American people to know we're at a dire point in our fight with this virus by any measure. Cases, positivity, hospitalizations, deaths, we're seeing more Americans negatively impacted. I want Americans to understand we've never had more hope thanks to the science. We're going to have vulnerable people start to be vaccinated in mere weeks. I'm asking Americans, begging you, hold on just a little nger. Keep Thanksgiving small and smart this year. You can go to to learn about more tips regarding how to stay safe. One of those tips is too outdoors if you can, keep it small, ideally less than ten. Prepare beforehand. Don't go out in public exposing yourself to other people. Small and indoors isn't happening at the white house. Have you shared these tips with your colleagues there? Are you concerned this could be a superspreader event? We want everyone to understand these holiday celebrations can be superspreader events. We want them to be smart and as small as possible. Go to, look at these tips for everyone. They apply to the white house, the American people, everyone. Before we get to the viewer questions, I want to ask you about the gallop poll that shows that 42% of Americans are not willing to be vaccinated. They don't trust this. How can you convince them? One of the things I'm doing is traveling around, talking to I had a conversation with historically black college and university presidents, Moore house, Howard. We're trying to help people understand this vaccine was developed safely. We have not cut any safety corners. The most reassuring thing I can say, when they tell me I can get the vaccine, I will get it. It's the best way to protect myself, my family and community. We have so many questions. I'll get to the first one. This is the first vaccine of this kind, how can we be sure prolonged side effects won't occur down the road? I talked to Dr. Redfield, Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, here's what they tell me -- normal studies have about 5,000 people in them. These studies have 30 to 60,000. These vaccines will have more data than any other vaccine developed in history. Again, I will be in line to get it when they tell me I can get that's how much confidence I have this will be safe. 95% plus effectiveness. I would hate to have a vaccine that could end the pandemic and people don't trust it. I'll work with any organization to help people understand the safety that went into the S, not just the speed. Why is there a second vaccine needed after the first round? It takes -- for some of these multiple doses in order to get you where you need to be. Johnson and Johnson is working on a one-dose vaccine. When you're trying to immunize the entire planet, we want as many different tools as possible. Go to, understand how to stay safe. Dr. Jerome Adams, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Dr. Jerome Adams explains the decision to have indoor Hannukah and Christmas parties as well as addresses the possible vaccine rollout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74354980","title":"Surgeon general discusses White House holiday party, vaccines","url":"/GMA/News/video/surgeon-general-discusses-white-house-holiday-party-vaccines-74354980"}