Suspect arrested after 8-year-old abducted in front of her mom

Forth Worth police officials and Jeff King, one of the two heroes who located the suspect's car, speak on "Good Morning America" about the case.
7:11 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Suspect arrested after 8-year-old abducted in front of her mom
We will switch gears to the rescue of an 8-year-old girl abducted in broad daylight in front of her mother. The suspect behind bars and the girl is home safe thanks to some good samaritans who helped find Michael will speak to one of them in a moment. First Marcus Moore is on the Reporter: Good morning. People are relieved this little girl is home safe this morning and from the moment they heard about the violent kidnapping in this quiet neighborhood, everyday citizens jumped into action and it paid off. You are watching referee parent's worst nightmare play out in realtime. Help me. Help me, please. My daughter just got kidnapped. Reporter: 8-year-old Salem sabatka taken from her mother's arms kidnapped in broad daylight by a stranger driving through a ft. Worth neighborhood. Help me. Help me, please. My daughter just got kidnapped. Reporter: Police say Salem and her mother were out for a walk at 6:30 Saturday evening when this man, 51-year-old Michael Webb pulled up beside them and grabbed Salem. They say her mom jumped into that car fighting to get her back but Webb shoved her out of the way and speeds off. One neighbor's surveillance camera captures the whole thing. Help me, help me, please. We know that she valiantly fought with the male that abducted her child so much so that she was able to grab a piece of jewelry off of that male and was basically thrown from the vehicle that drove off with her daughter inside. Reporter: Police responding issuing an amber alert and spreading the word on social media. Desperately searching for any sign of that gray four-door sedan or the young girl. Eight agonizing hours later, a break in the case, two local church members spotting that vehicle in the parking lot of this motel about ten miles from where Salem was taken. Police bursting into a room finding Salem safe and sound. We got her. We got her. We got her. He's in custody. Reporter: Jeff king, one of the good samaritans receiving applause from the residents who gathered Sunday night. When asked if he feels like a hero -- I feel like god allowed me to be a tool and that's it. You were definitely put in the right place at the right time and just thank you so much. Yes, sir. Thank you. Reporter: Salem's family releasing a statement thanking the police department for its hard work. Meantime, the suspect is facing a charge of aggravated kidnapping and is being held on a $100,000 bond. Okay, Marcus, thanks very much. Joining us now, our ft. Worth police chief Joel Fitzgerald, police department spokesman buddy Calzada and Jeff king who is one of the two heroes who located the suspect's car. Gentlemen, thank you all for joining us this morning. Officer Calzado, can you tell us how this young lady is doing this morning. Her condition is good. There's a lot to the investigation but I tell you what being able to see that little girl crack a smile after all this is absolutely phenomenal. Chief Fitzgerald, take us back to the frantic 911 call we just heard in that piece from the girl's mother. She was actually fought the abductor and able to give you a description. Well, as I put it, Michael, she valiantly fought like a mother protecting her child as expected to do. She showed the courage and fortitude to just fight off Webb as best she could, you know, being thrown by the car, being able to give us a good description and being able to capture some forensic evidence being a part of the guy's chain that he was wearing. She did everything a mother was expected to do in that situation. She's a hero as well. Absolutely. And, Jeff, most people, they hear about something like this. They underestimate their ability to help. But what made you jump into action to help in this case? Well, like I've said it before but it was two things actually and the first thing, of course, is that I mean we're supposed to work as a community. We're supposed to love our neighbors and, you know, I mean god makes miracles happen all the time. The second thing is I've known riz, the father, for a lot of years. I haven't seen him in about 16 years but a friend texted me and said what's up. And I said, what are we doing and called a couple other friends out looking and we got out here and tried to make a difference. Whose idea was it to check the hotels and how did you find the car? Yeah, so I don't know the gentleman atall. He was a ft. Worth detective, I believe, and I just went to the crime scene after I had seen riz and then he said, check parks, apartments and hotels and so I called my friend who was already looking. I don't know, like I said yesterday, I don't know if he wants to be named or not so I'm not going to but he was going to check hotels on his way home and then I went ahead and started looking at parks and then we were told this one motel and we went there and then on the way back from that motel this one was right next to us on the access road so we just pulled in and, yeah, that's how it happened. It's kind of crazy. It is kind of crazy. We heard the amazing audio, we got her, we got her, we got her. For you, how was it for you when they finally found her? Yeah, so as a father myself, like the only thing I could -- so I heard that same announcement and I heard the police because we were still there when everything was going on and I heard them shouting and getting excited and then I asked this one officer for confirmation and she said, yes, and I said can I call her dad, you know, and I did immediately and -- yeah, that was awesome. And chief Fitzgerald, time is of the essence in cases like this but this is a great example of the power of the community coming together. That must make you proud of the community that you live in. My god, that's almost an understatement. It's the relationships we have built with community members like Jeff, this whole Ryan place community and really in general the city of ft. Worth, relational policing, community policing, the things we do in the neighborhoods to build those relationships and strengthen them is the reason why we're able to mobilize so many citizens, social media worked positively for us. The emotion that officer Calzado showed during his interviews mobilized folks and just having people like Jeff out there that, you know, just cared enough to search into the wee hours of the morning until we actually found her made all the difference in the world so we thank everyone involved. We want to thank you three for joining us and we're so happy that this ended in a positive way. Thank you, gentlemen, so much. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. A great story. What a great story and great end. Doing their job. Yep.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Forth Worth police officials and Jeff King, one of the two heroes who located the suspect's car, speak on \"Good Morning America\" about the case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63147456","title":"Suspect arrested after 8-year-old abducted in front of her mom","url":"/GMA/News/video/suspect-arrested-year-abducted-front-mom-63147456"}