Teen hero in deadly ambush describes saving family members

Devin Langford, 13, and his father, David, told ABC News in an exclusive interview he walked 14 miles to get help after his family was ambushed in Mexico.
4:34 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Teen hero in deadly ambush describes saving family members
All right. We'll continue with that ABC news exclusive and that deadly ambush in Mexico as Mexico asks the FBI to join the manhunt for those responsible, the 13-year-old who hid his siblings during the attack and walked 14 miles to get help is now telling his story for the first time. Tom llamas sat down with him and his father. Good morning. Reporter: From the get-go the government called this an atrocity but now we're learning new details more terrifying as we learn that little boy thought the killers were following him yet he soldiered on to rescue his family. For the first time the hero boy who helped rescue his siblings in that deadly ambush attack in Mexico sharing his story. 13-year-old Devin Langford and his father, David, sitting down with ABC news for an exclusive interview. They just started hitting the car at first with a bunch of bullets, just started shooting rapidly at us. Reporter: Devin walking 14 miles for several hours to get help, not sure if the cartel hit men were coming for him next telling us about his painful thoughts along the way. If there was anybody else out there trying to shoot me or following me or about to -- about my mom and my two brothers. Reporter: Detailing the moments that led up to the shooting, the gunmen first attacking Christina langford-johnson's car in front of her killing her and firing on Devin's family car when they drove up. It felt real scary and felt like a lot of bullets. Reporter: Devin thinks one of those bullets hit the engine. His mom unable to move the car. The car didn't work so the -- she was just trying right there starting the car as much as she could but I'm sure sure they shot something. Reporter: Devining us the last thing she said. To get down right now, she was trying to pray to the lord and she was trying to start the car up to get out of there. Reporter: His mother Dawna and two little brother, Trevor and rogen would not survive the attack. Devin says the murderers had long guns and were wearing what looked like bulletproof vests. The family thought they were killers for the drug cartel. Afterwards they got us out of the car and got us on the floor and then drove off. Reporter: The children tried to flee but as you see from the video later inside of a hospital most were too wounded including sister kylie shot in the foot and baby brother brixon with a bullet wound to the chest. We put him behind a bush and I wasn't hit or nothing. So I started walking because every one of them were bleeding really bad so I was trying to get in a rush to get there. Reporter: Devin eventually getting help. To be honest with you my boy is a here resimply because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters. Reporter: Now the langfords part of a fundamentalist Mormon Gupta lived in the area decades before the drug cartels took over have left Mexico. It's too dangerous. Too violent, 100 other family members following them in this caravan over the weekend. Not only have I lost a wife and two children, but I am having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. Reporter: David Langford had this message for the families in America who have been praying for them. My message is to hold on to your family because there's nothing like family. Reporter: And Devin wanting the world to remember his mother's legacy. She was a nice person and a brave woman that tried to save her kids. Now, that family tells me their faith is renewed because of all the children that survived when they came so close to death and the father wants everyone to know his 9-year-old daughter is also a hero, Mackenzie. Like her brother she walked for hours trying to find help, guys. Both of them. They were amazing to do that and tell their story in such a compelling way. When they talk about the little girl, Mackenzie. She got lost. They found two little footsteps a couple miles down and a shoe. She was walking and her blisters were bleeding and when they first grabbed her she said my brothers need help. It could not have been easy for you to be there. It was not and to see what these people did to family, innocent women and children not caught up in the drug cartel violence and not to one family but three different families, it was horrific. Thanks for bringing us the

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Devin Langford, 13, and his father, David, told ABC News in an exclusive interview he walked 14 miles to get help after his family was ambushed in Mexico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66907997","title":"Teen hero in deadly ambush describes saving family members","url":"/GMA/News/video/teen-hero-deadly-ambush-describes-saving-family-members-66907997"}