Transgender track stars speak out as critics allege unfair advantage

Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood have faced backlash in their Connecticut community for their track and field accomplishments.
4:45 | 06/22/18

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Transcript for Transgender track stars speak out as critics allege unfair advantage
We turn now to a "Gma" exclusive, two transgender high school runners, well, they're kick up dust in Connecticut taking the top spots at the girls championship leaving parents wondering if they have an unfair advantage. Linsey Davis is here andou sat down with the track stars to talk all about it. We're talking about a subject that's so sensitive that andraya and Terry revealed their secret to their parents by text. Terry Miller and andraya Yearwood dominating the competition at the girls track and field competitions in Connecticut earlier this month. Coming in first and second place respectively. And while it was a state race, their wins are making national headlines. Not because of what they did, but because of who they are. Two transgender girls. When was the first time either of you found any kind of opposition to you participating on the girls' team. I was expecting it so every day I would go home, search up track and field high school, Terry Miller. You wanted to know what people were saying. Reporter: Some were harsh. Critics complaining they both have an unfair advantage since they were born boys. At what point do you decide it's more appropriate to be on the girls team competing with other girls. I decided that the summer before ninth grade. They both started Hore tone therapy and say they've been welcome by friend, family, coaches and administrators with open arms but there is some backlash. Two petitions starred in an attempt to change the rule of the governoring body of interscholastic sports and say they are entitled to participate based on their gender identity. The girl athletes are at a physical disadvantage compared to the transgender female. Reporter: Bianca started one of those petitions after her daughter lost to them. They have naturally testosterone in their body that has been proven to give a physical advantage in sports. Reporter: The mom who was unaware that the girls were already undergoing hormone therapy have gotten a little over 100 signatures. He Stroh ten hormone therapy does replace some thein lustle with fat. Andraya's parents say her well-being is most important. I'm talking about raising a child for a life and so is it fair that child is excluded? Is it fair that child doesn't feel like they have a place to belong. It allows her to be who she wants to be. Reporter: The rules vary. In seven states including Texas, students must play on the team that matches their birth certificate or have undergone surgery or have had extended hormone therapy while the NCAA requires one year of testosterone suppression. What do you want to say to other transgender youth young people, teens who are out there struggling through this process? Just follow your heart. Don't let other people determine what you do in life. Let's play devil's advocate and just imagine you were both born girls and then all of a sudden you had two boys who identified as being girls and they're on your team and maybe you're not performing as well because they are better. I'm not going to discourage you or try to stay, oh, it's not fair and which has pushed me to run faster. I would be happy for them because they get to do what they want. They're happy so should enter into making me happy. They're brave and different from everybody. Reporter: Just to be clear the here who started the petition said she would like to see the girls sit off after hormone therapy before competing with other girls sparking a lot of debate and something schools are dealing with. An estimated 150,000 teens identify as transgender. Compelling argument on both. We'll go over to .

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood have faced backlash in their Connecticut community for their track and field accomplishments. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56084731","title":"Transgender track stars speak out as critics allege unfair advantage ","url":"/GMA/News/video/transgender-track-stars-speak-critics-allege-unfair-advantage-56084731"}