Trump to announce his Supreme Court nominee

Multiple sources tell ABC News the president will choose Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee.
2:01 | 09/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump to announce his Supreme Court nominee
president trump's supreme court nominee. Sources telling ABC news the president will choose Amy coney Barrett in just a few hours. A new ABC news "Washington post" poll finds 57% of Americans say the winner of the election and the next senate should actually replace justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 54% of Americans surveyed also oppose increasing the number of supreme court justices to give the winner of the upcoming election more influence over the court's make-up. President trump's announcement coming a day after justice Ginsberg became the first woman and first jewish person to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol. Andrew dymburt has the latest from Washington. Reporter: Good morning. The plans are already in place behind the scene to replace the seat Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves behind. Multiple sources tell ABC news he's expected to select judge Amy Cohen Barrett. Who is Barrett? She's a relative newcomer to the federal bench having just three years on the Chicago based 7th circuit court of appeals. A 48-year-old devout catholic and mother of seven she would be the youngest nominee since Clarence Thomas in 1991. She drew the attention of the Republicans for be a protege of judge Scalia. Her approval to the federal bench in 2017 was a bitter affair. Her supreme court confirmation process ignites a political fight that will be scrutinized for years to come as it's so close to a presidential election. Now it's up to the senate to confirm Barrett. Only two GOP senators say they oppose moving ahead. It would take four Republicans to break ranks to stop it.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Multiple sources tell ABC News the president will choose Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73259091","title":"Trump to announce his Supreme Court nominee","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-announce-supreme-court-nominee-73259091"}