Trump arrives in Singapore for historic summit

The president will meet face-to-face with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un.
7:20 | 06/10/18

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Transcript for Trump arrives in Singapore for historic summit
We do begin here with the truly historic breaking news president trump has just touched down in Singapore for his momentous and risky face to face meeting. With the North Korean dictator Kim Jung that meeting happening in roughly 36 hours. There's Air Force One touching down came jungle and has already arrived do we he was seen meeting with Singapore's prime minister. While enroute to Singapore president trop declared that he is on a quote mission of peace. A trip has admitted that this is unknown territory but insists that he feels confident. Warning that Kim Dong moon has an opportunity he won't have again Zain it's a one time shot. This is a major test of the president's. Improvisational foreign policies now in fact the man who wrote the part of the deal for him in these may be. The most consequential negotiations of his career. We do have team coverage for you this Sunday morning George Stephanopoulos and Martha Raddatz are right there on the ground in Singapore. And we're gonna begin we George and George can you set the scene for us what are the stakes heading into tomorrow's face to face and good morning to the both of you by the way. Good morning voice quality could not be higher you know we use this. Phrase we're making history an awful lot. In this case it is absolutely true we have never seen an American presidents sit down a sitting American president sit town with a North Korean leader and the stakes. Are high because the stakes are nuclear war if this works that if this meeting works out well. You could have a situation where North Korea starts to talk about. Result and restricting its nuclear weapons and start to enter the modern world but if it does not work out. There may be few options left short of military action that is by the stakes. Are so high its coming up you know you talk about unpredictable coming off that meeting with the G-7 Martha where the president. Even as he's reaching out to our enemies as having a huge break away their allies thank goodness the allies are united on this issue North Korea. They are definitely all united on the issue of North Korea and despite that G-7 meeting or what president of what's to call a G-8 meeting. He is focused on this North Korean summit and he says he feels Rhett. We're going in with a very positive spirit. I think very well prepared. President. Of that is leading up to its face to face meeting with came job done this a great opportunity for peace. And lasting peace and prosperity feeling positive. Tweeting I look forward to meeting him and have a feeling that this one time opportunity. Will not be wasted. But still the president preparing for anything to happen I've said it many times who knows who else may not. May not work out. Trump saying his instincts will however if the North Korean dictator is serious about making a deal. How Long Will it take to figure out whether or not this serious I said. May be in the first minute. I think it won't happen I'm not gonna waste my time I don't want to waste his time. While the president said he's mastered the. It's at least it it's you know as a deal person I've done very well would deals. What you wanna do start that now I'd like to accomplish more than that. But at a minimum I do believe at least we'll have met each other we will have seen each other hopefully we will have liked each their. Pushing back at criticism that this meeting will give him the legitimacy that he desires. To insane you know that the haters they say all you giving human being you. To me a break. But warning that this meeting is a one shot feel that Kim Jo Evelyn. Wants to do something great for his people. And he has that opportunity. And he won't have that opportunity again it's never going to be there again president from working on a potential deal with North Korea. Reversing his decision on another. Decided not to endorse the G-7 communique tariffs is gonna come way down. Because we people cannot continue to do that would like to piggy bank that everybody's robbing. And that ends criticizing Canadian prime minister and US allied Justin Trudeau. Calling him very dishonest and weak. And I don't know if I ever remember by US president calling an ally that storage is not seen anything like that before guys. Before we let you go we wanna get you to weigh in on a few things we love to hear from both of you on this lease are reviewed Georgian and we can hear from Martha possible. B let's talk about what's in this four Donald Trump. It was as we saw on Martha's BC's lowered expectations. For this initial meeting along the way saying this could. Ultimately be a long process but he has maintained throughout and so has. So I have members of his administration that denuclearization. Is the only ending dean here. Most people however say that news there's no way Kim's gonna give up all his nuclear weapons so how far can this whole thing get. Well that is the big question. One thing that would be we have to watch for just the beginning is that he actually make a commitment. To get rid of the weapons even with the process that could take years and years and years is he even willing to let the world know what exactly. Those and and is easily. To do so to do some more restrictions on testing those could be some interim steps. That could make that could lead to progress even if we don't have this immediate denuclearization. And of course president trump has talked about this being a process that their baby war meetings after this initial meeting. And boy that far is so low for this initial meeting. They'll meet. They'll see each other and may be felt like each other is what president trumps that but we have to remembers George that this is all about denuclearization. Whether it starts after this meeting that is would be the really important step. And Mike Pompeo has said that trump won't stand for a bad deal OK another question for by the B and Martha will begin reached you Kim Jung and so he rarely leaves his Bobble. So what is in it for him why would he basically give up anything when he's already getting the big prize which is legitimacy on the world stage before he even walks in the door. While he really wants more than that you may be getting legitimacy on the world stage but what really wants security. And that's what securing a nuclear weapon it was all about securing his nation. If he doesn't have nuclear weapons he has to get it some other way and that's what he will be asking president try to get. And he wants economic growth but he also doesn't want to get had been the victim of a military strike. I think you know one can yet be president some credit for its all that bluster we saw. At the beginning. His term may have been one factor that drove I can turn on to this negotiating a table. As well so both sides have a lot of incentives coming this meeting just 36 hours away. Fire and fearing may have landed all of us in Singapore. George and Martha thank you very much we really appreciate and we won't lot remind everybody. The Georgia Martha we'll have much more on this historic sounding coming up later this morning on a special edition of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"The president will meet face-to-face with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55784417","title":"Trump arrives in Singapore for historic summit","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-arrives-singapore-historic-summit-55784417"}