Trump criticizes May on Brexit while on UK visit

President Trump's bombshell interview with The Sun was published after British Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed him with a military parade at Blenheim Palace.
3:23 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Trump criticizes May on Brexit while on UK visit
First the lest on president trump in the home stretch of his higakrip to Europe getting ready have tea with the queen. Already havin harsh words for britn's prime nister and Terry Moran is tracking it all for us from there in London. Morning, Terry. Reporter: Good G, robin. Well, here it is that blockbuster intew wld exclusive inthe sun." President trump directly other papers putting rather more bluntly, Donald thump they redubbed him called the special relationship America and Britain, somepl saying with special friends like I you who needs enemies but doubt right now thatpe relatiip strained. This ING, an awkward meeting with america closest ally, president trump W British prime minister Theresa may. The rns very, very strong. Repr: It was awk because of that bombshe interview trump gave to the brh tloid "Th sun." Do you're your comments to "The sun." Reporter: Barging into domestic politic smmme minister may for her plan for brexit, th's the uk's withdrawal from T eurean union. I would have done it much differently.I actlly told Theresa may how to dt buthe didn't agree -- sht listen to me. If you really look, sherobably went the opposite way. Eporter: And an extraordinary threat if Britain does it her way there will be no trade for principal with trump'erica. F they do that their T deal with the U.S. Will probably not be made. I'd say thatould probly end a majorrade relationship with the United States. Reporter: And ptesters of London trump says he feels unwelcome. Sing O trump baby blimp thatill B flying all day. To mak me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to land I love -- I used to love London as a city but wey make you feelunwelcome, why would I stay there? Reporter: He lashed at the city's mayor blaim for recent terror attackshere. Ou he a mayor who done a terrible job in London. I Thi he's done a veryad job on terrorism. Reportehe white house frantically doing damage contr overnight saying in a statement, the president likes and respect prime minister may very much he is thankful for the wonderful welcome from the primeister Hereth ?????? that verysh welcome comingfore that ierview was published made greeting president trump an first lady at thmagnificent pleasant, the preside deghted by a military parade and the pomp and circumstance N't end there. Meets with queen Elizabeth for tea praising her in that me interview. If you think oft for so many years she'sepresented country, she has really never made a mistake. You don't E, like anything embarrassing. You don'- she's jus incredible wom. Eporter: They'll meet here at Windsor CAS the queen has met with every president in her long rein except for Lyndon joson who never made a trip to the uk. Teah the queen for the president and firsty Melia trump, you know, I remember Barack Obama came here, he tried tell the British people how to vote onbrexit. They didn't like that. I don't think they'll likehis much more. I think you're rightut th. Michael. Thank you,ro

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{"id":56560348,"title":"Trump criticizes May on Brexit while on UK visit","duration":"3:23","description":"President Trump's bombshell interview with The Sun was published after British Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed him with a military parade at Blenheim Palace.","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-criticizes-brexit-uk-visit-56560348","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}