Trump fires back as James Comey opens up in new memoir

The president called the fired FBI chief a "slime ball" in response to claims made by the former FBI director in his new book.
5:07 | 04/14/18

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Transcript for Trump fires back as James Comey opens up in new memoir
These strikes on Syria take place amid stepped political storm here come including a primetime interview. Set to air right here ABC tomorrow night with a fired FBI director James cone there can be sitting down to George in an exclusive engineered making startling. And really unprecedented comments about a sitting president ABC's David Wright covering the story for us this morning. As you head in the trump tower that they were you nervous yes. Golly Joseph George about that first trump tower meeting in which she and other intelligence officials briefed the president elect. About Russia's interference. In the 2016. Election. Present electrons first question was to confirm. That had no impact on the election and then the conversation to my surprise moved. In two. PR conversation about how the trump team would position mess and what they could say about this. He also describes how he then asked to me one on one with trump to warn him about the dossier. Compiled by former British spy Christopher studio detailing allegations of Trump's ties to Russia. Did you tell him that the steel does he had been financed by his political opponents now. I didn't I didn't think I use the term still dossier destructive and additional material can keep the did he have a right to know that. They've been financed by his political opponents. I don't know the answer that that he wasn't. Necessary for my goal which is to alert him that we had this information how graphic pitching again I think is graphic is I needed to be at the. Dossier includes explosive unverified allegations that Russia may have filled trump in the company of prostitutes. The Moscow hotel room during the miss universe pageant back in 2013. Allegations the president vehemently denies. Kenyon erupted very defensively. And started talking about it you have brokered a guy who needs hookers and I assumed he was asking that rhetorically at an answer that and I just moved on in and explained the term not saying. That we credit that's not saying we believe it we just about a very important you know. On Friday trump tweeted back with fury calling Carl me and untruthful slime ball who should be prosecuted. Quote James told me is a proven leaker Alan Blinder talking points later picked up by the white house Press Secretary this is nothing more than a poorly executed PR stunt back combing. One of the president's greatest achievements will go down aspiring director James come. The White House and there the president's allies on Capitol Hill are focused on the memos that Komi leaked about his private conversations with the president. They insist that those memos were classified government business and that sharing them publicly was a crime Coley insists that nothing that he shared. With classified data follow. David thank you and a reminder you can see George Stephanopoulos is full exclusive interview with come me this Sunday night a special edition of 22 funny. At 10 eastern right here ABC for more on everything we've been discussing this morning want to bring an ABC news political analyst Matthew out Matt. Luckily none of the news department this morning other del Saturday and Kate is so let's just start with calming what are the potential consequences for tramp with this new book that's out. Well I think as we saw with the previous book that came out that it that lay out some accusations and trump the Michael Wolfe book it puts Donald Trump and administration in the bad position of not being able to do their day job which is obviously governing the country and we are as we've seen what's going on internationally so I think that's a huge problem but the other part. It obviously brings in to play it all of the legal questions and all of the legal issues that the president and this White House and people associated with this White House. Are involved then there's another big story brewing this morning we're gonna dive more deeply into it in the next half hour but it involves the president's personal attorney mark Michael Cohen. Who spent the day in court on Friday trying to get back these documents and other items. Season these extraordinary FBI raids against him his office is home is hotel room. The New York Times is saying this morning. That the president is more concerned about this Michael Cohen investigation as personal attorney city is about the Muller probe. Why would that be I think he's actually the president is actually right to be more concerned about this net and now we have a different investigation done by the southern district the US attorney for the southern district. Who can go in many different directions not just collusion now. And it's not just obstruction of justice can be a whole batch of other directions. And Michael cone to me reminds me of the custodian and high school he's got all the keys on his belt for every room in the school and he can let he can let this US attorney and every single room in the school for every aspect of this whether its finances. Whether it's payoffs whether it's all of you. Deals in New York now that US attorney in the southern district canard has access to go after all of those things and I think it's more problematic. In that judge and that attorney both troubled we don't trump appointees in the midst of this term rate. Matt daddy had come back tomorrow command I would love to be back here tomorrow though unlocked patio you can just can't valued at best at. You're always welcome it is way and that leads to come and we it has coming now become NN. Thanks Matt.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"The president called the fired FBI chief a \"slime ball\" in response to claims made by the former FBI director in his new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54466374","title":"Trump fires back as James Comey opens up in new memoir","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-fires-back-james-comey-opens-memoir-54466374"}