Trump picks CNBC host as top economic adviser

Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as head of the White House National Economic Council in the latest White House staffing change.
2:06 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Trump picks CNBC host as top economic adviser
him out of that story more changes inside the white house. If -- Larry kudlow will be a replacement. Reporter: He fired Rex tillerson and the secretary of state saying he is getting close to having the cabinet and other things he wants, in other words, he's not there yet and I've got to tell you, George, in the west wing here, there is a real sense of uncertainty. You talk to senior officials, they are convinced that big changes are coming. They have no idea exactly when. But I have heard speculation in recent days of at least a half a dozen top officials leaving or potentially leaving or uncertain status including the veterans affair secretary including Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development, the attorney general, the national security adviser, the education secretary and even the chief of staff John Kelly and nobody here knows when or even exactly what is coming but there is a sense of uncertainty that there are big changes coming. Likely several staffers still facing security clearance issues as well. The president last night at a fund-raising speech was talking about his negotiations with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister and in the midst he said this, this is according to "The Washington post." Nice guy, good-looking guy comes in, says, Donald, we have no trade deficit, I said, wrong. I didn't even know. I had no idea. I just said you're wrong. Kind of stunning. We haven't seen this before. The president conceding he just made this up. Reporter: Yeah, and by the way, if you look at the actual figures, George, from the united States government, from the office of the U.S. Trade representative, in fact, Justin Trudeau was right, there is a surplus, the United States has a surplus with Canada, a big surplus on services, a slight deficit on goods overall so the president didn't know and turned out he was wrong. No comments yet from the Canadians on this. Reporter: No comment yet. Jon Karl, thanks very much. So many talking to the white house says there's a major uncertainty. President trump is also

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as head of the White House National Economic Council in the latest White House staffing change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53764743","title":"Trump picks CNBC host as top economic adviser","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-picks-cnbc-host-top-economic-adviser-53764743"}