Trump plans to invite Putin to the White House

President Trump's own top intelligence official was completely caught off guard by the White House announcement regarding Russian president Vladimir Putin.
3:36 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Trump plans to invite Putin to the White House
We move to thattunning headline from the white house, prent trump Anning to invite Russian pdent Vladimir Putin to the white houshis fall. Now, the presidt'swnop intelligence office was completely caught off guard by this annouement at a forum in as pen, Colorado and oobs's rry Moran S right there. Paula. Het then security forum which brings national security expefrom the trump administration, believe administrations to the priva secretary people were just shocked by Thi announcemen and it shows that pdentru is just determinedere that reshaping of /Russia relation, bringing America clhe kin is one of hi highest priorities and he's Gott on a fast track. St after the historic and unnerngt dimir Putin the white house announcingn Twitt president trump hasnvited pu to waington in the fall an discussions areeady under way. Tching the president's own or of national intelligence off GU Thehite house has announced on T that Vladimir Putin coming the white house in . That again. That's going to be special. Reporter: The invitation coming sector Dan coats openly questioned presi with Putin at that Helsinki summit. I would suggested a differ way. But that's not myrole. That's not my job so it is what it is Reporter: But the president bristling all the criticism yse's beenough iron Russia than any otherresident in recent history. Getnglong with president putin,ting along with Russia is a positive, not aiv now, wit that bei said, about doesn't wk out, I'll be the worst enemy he' E had. The rste's ever had. Reporter: W detls of what the two leaders discussed duringir summit remain largely unknown, the whi house is now shift away from president trump's seeing endorsement of Vladimir puti prosal for Russian authorities to question 12 Russian military officers recently indicted by speciaunsel Robert Mueller with Americans invited to watch in exchan, Moscow would be allowed touestion American citize accused ofcified es inssia. The president seemed enthralled by T ideaay. I think that's anncredible offer. Good afternoon. Reporter: On Wednesday T white house still not dismissing tin's proposal. The psident I going to Peet with him a we'll you know when we have an annocement on that. Reporter: One of the Americans russiats to question I Micha Mcfaul eang direct to the president not to let it happen. My government I hope Wil step up and swat T back wh I mean my government, I meany presidenf thenited states of America. Reporter: Ptrump's own party slamming Thi idea. Naive, a Su Reporter: The senate passing American officialhould E be mad available to N's governnt foterrogatio now, about that one-on-one meeting that president trump had th Putin there's only one othercan W know what is went on, that's marina gross. Makers wan T subpoena her to find out what happen. There would huge constional battle about that but there's also an inreter's co of ethics it would violat almt a lawyer/client ilhis isng to continue. Yeah, it certainlys over qui a moment there at theforum.thank you very much, Terry. Olys caught off car dgers after another deadly accident.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"President Trump's own top intelligence official was completely caught off guard by the White House announcement regarding Russian president Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56707133","title":"Trump plans to invite Putin to the White House","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-plans-invite-putin-white-house-56707133"}