Trump receives letter from Kim Jong Un, says summit is back on

Top North Korean official Kim Jong Chol delivered the letter to the president at the White House. What's at stake for the upcoming Singapore meeting?
6:04 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Trump receives letter from Kim Jong Un, says summit is back on
We turn now though to the latest on the North Korea summit it is. Back on this morning overnight this man Kim Jung each whole lot top deputy. To the North Korean dictator Kim jungle and returning to New York City after an extraordinary nearly two hour meeting. In the Oval Office. And what a meeting that was this North Korean official asked spy chief accused of many crimes hand delivering this plus size letter from Kim Jong and to president trump. Bob Woodruff is in the region with more on what's at stake but we start with the White House correspondent terror terra Paul Mary who's on the north want forced this morning Teri good morning TO. Good morning Dan and Paula that's right president trump said he's heading to Singapore not expecting to come home with anything signed. He said I June 12 at the start a process. This morning the historic summit between North Korean United States is officially back on. June 12 will be in Singapore the president accepting that oversized message from North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon that was a very interesting letter came his right hand man and former spy chief Kim Jong Chul. At the White House for his special delivery receiving a warm welcome good meeting today I think it's a great start. Kim formerly banned from the United States. Reportedly oversaw the 2014. Sony hack after their film the interview mocked Kim young noon they hate that because they gave tax. The last and only other North Korean official to visit the White House was the top advisor Kim's father Kim Jong ill he area as. Eighteen years ago sitting with President Clinton president Tom talking up his nose from Kim and that letter losers. These are nice letter how would you like to see what was in that letter that the meeting was expected to be a short exchange this Wednesday. Letter presentation that ended up being a do our conversation. Talking sanctions ending the Korean War and the pace of denuclearization. I tell them today. Take it dimes. The fast wouldn't go slowly. After that meeting president comes that he no ever wants to use the term maximum pressure when talking about North Korea because they're quote getting along. Down Paula yet tempering those expectations terra thank you in South Korea welcoming this news that the summit is officially back. As you said ABC's Bob Woodruff is in Beijing with a reaction to the announcement and a look at what is at stake here Bob good morning to you. Well good morning Dan and Paula let's talk about what all of this means to Asia generally positive reactions. By South Korea and Japan are allies they have the biggest stakes in all of this South Korea's president moon Jae in watts of the summit from the very beginning. An angry when it was finally canceled but today a spokesperson said moon is relieved to quote we will excitedly. But calmly look forward to their historic meeting in Singapore but this summit is getting some criticism as well for one Kim young troll. The spy chief he's accused of masterminding two deadly attacks on South Korea and 2010. One attack on an island the other a South Korean naval ship killing 46 sailors. Also human rights president trump says he will not deal with this at the summit. Can John and is allegedly responsible for the death of 22 year old American student. Ought to warm beer who died after being held as a hostage in North Korea for more than a year. His father wore red warm beer came to the Olympics this year to remind the world exactly what happened. Then there are North Korea's two other powerful neighbors. That's Russia. And China. Both of those countries' leaders prudent and she are getting increasingly concerned that the US is moving in on their turf they want peace. But on their terms not America's terms. So Dan and Paul of this summit in Singapore will not be jest about trump and Kim. These four other powerful countries will have a lot of influence whether America wants it. We're not. Yes so many eyes will be on this summit did thank you Bob and joining us now from Texas says ABC news' chief political analysts mapped out Matt. Could Saturday morning to you thanks for joining us sell it let's talk up the summit. The president now saying that the summit in Singapore and maybe the first of many meetings that could move slowly so he's clearly tempering expectations that statement by the president. Coupled with Mitch McConnell saying quote if you fall in love with the deal you could get snookered and quote so does this. Indicate that we've already given way too much. Well you know Mitch McConnell stated reminds me what my father told me before I bought a house which is never follow a lot when you buy a house because either yelled over hey are you look past problems and so I think Mitch McConnell right about that. I think that in this situation we're in that the president has given away a lot because Kim Jung moon has already gotten credibility on the world stage and now he's. Much more and they in this circle of of nations around the world and that's exactly. What the headed North Korea wide and he RD has that you don't. We we just heard some of it from you but there there's been a lot of criticism about the president's actions leading up to the summit this shifting expectations they're glad handing with that North Korean official. It accuses him pretty serious crimes but. Isn't it possible at the end of the day that this unconventional president he told us it was going to be on conventional. It is is about to achieve something that nobody else could before him. What that's. It's definitely a possibility am happy to if it if it turns out that this meeting is the beginning of a relationship that's built and a denuclearization. Of the Korean goods and it's all. That would be awesome. And I think unconventional might sometimes in foreign policy just like Richard Nixon going to China worked out in the end for it but I think the problem is is when your unconventional. Without a definitive strategy I think many people worried as president. Is unconventional and unpredictable but does he have a real strategy or is it just seat of the pants. Eight. Matt down announces from Texas this morning nothing unconventional about you Matt that's right raffia. Either we are all slowly all you the same boat. Are things that.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Top North Korean official Kim Jong Chol delivered the letter to the president at the White House. What's at stake for the upcoming Singapore meeting?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55604650","title":"Trump receives letter from Kim Jong Un, says summit is back on","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-receives-letter-kim-jong-summit-back-55604650"}