Trump talks tax reform as questions swirl amid Stormy Daniels scandal

The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News in an apparent attempt to clear up statements he made on the scandal.
5:32 | 05/06/18

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Transcript for Trump talks tax reform as questions swirl amid Stormy Daniels scandal
Overnight fresh eyebrow raising statements for the president's top attorney. Rudy Giuliani you Giuliani has been making a lot of headlines with a series of public appearances and was even at one point. Publicly contradicted body the president overnight Giuliani admitted he is still. Learning the facts of this case George Stephanopoulos is standing by with analysis but we're gonna start with ABC's White House correspondent tear palm Mary. Who is at the White House force this morning Tara good morning. Good morning get and. All of that's right Giuliani was back on TV doing damage control after his media blitz last week. But he offered very little to clear up the facts about what the president knew about the stormy Daniels payment and wet. He says he's still learning the facts. Overnight the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Fox News attempting to cleanup statements he made last week the facts the facts I I I've. Jill learning this after he revealed that the president repaint his other lawyer Michael Cohen. For a hush agreement signed by adult film actress stormy Daniels Giuliani offering no new information on when Anna what the president knew about the payments but admitting. This is it a one point two million documents I've been in the case for two weeks. Virtually one day in comparison to other people so I I'm not an expert on the facts yet I'm getting there. Giuliani's revelation contradicted with the president the White House has said all along about that 130000. Dollar payout to Daniels that trump had no knowledge of it. Giuliani still not clarifying a time line but doubling down the president of the United States did not any way violate the campaign finance law. The hard charging former prosecutor has brought onto trans legal team to turn up the heat on special counsel Robert Mueller his team want to sit down interview with Tron. As part of their investigation into obstruction of justice and possible collusion between the trump campaign in Russia I would love to fake. I would love to golf I think I wanted to bought the Giuliani making a sit down seem more of a challenge when you look at the question state per pound what do you think what do you feel. It's like come on an income or commit perjury. Even hinting on Fox News that he thinks the case lineup in the Supreme Court. And the stormy Daniels case still plaguing the president. Overnight Daniels made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live to talk the president. I'm they don't believe in climate change but it's. A storm's a kind maybe. Just tell me what are you need for the. To me to win and I resignation. Giuliani who was on the shortlist for secretary of state is back wading into foreign policy. Carrey as onstage. For tending to rip up the Iran nuclear deal. Saying that's the president will likely do you know he even added that the president is committed to regime change Dan Paula. We'll likely to be seen as provocative Tara thank you very much care primary weighing in from the White House this morning has promised let's bring an ABC news chief -- George Stephanopoulos is going to be hosting this week a little later than any that's morning surge silhouettes are agreed Giuliani you have an exclusive Sunday morning interview with him in terms of his recent public statements about the stormy Daniels issue do you discern. A strategy here. Well really I can think his name is Tara pointed out her peace the way to see consistently denied as we saw president trump there and air force planes had he known about. The payments. They must've come across evidence that in fact the president did make these payments otherwise they wouldn't get wanted to get it out I think that was the strategy. Behind the initial revelation from Rudy Giuliani on Fox News on on Wednesday night. But as the president said in his everybody is set himself he didn't have all of this Backstreet. We and there are still are a lot of facts to nail down right now. About why the payment was made when it was made what the president knew about it when he knew about it and the president also has some vulnerability. On this campaign finance laws now the White House is saying Giuliani saying they are nothing new the campaign. Michael have an oddity who lawyer for storming Danny says there's a lot of evidence that in fact it was about the campaign he. Still so many questions that need to be answered so Giuliani I said in the piece that this could go all the way to the Supreme Court but overnight he made it seem. Unlikely at the president's gonna sit down with Mueller but can smaller to subpoena him. Well that's the whole question will Moeller subpoena him if he subpoenas and must president trump comply and that's the case the could go to Supreme Court. If the president refuses to comply with the subpoena from Robert Mueller now other presidents have been subpoenaed we know that Richard Nixon dispute over the tapes and and yeah he was required to be in compelled to turn those tapes over by the courts back in 1973. Bill Clinton appeared before the grand jury during the Ken Starr investigation so if. Indeed. Mueller follows through subpoena if president trump refuses to comply with that this is likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court and testing fascinating. The president was out on the staff and Ohio and said that he's gonna. He said again that he was willing to shut down in government if he doesn't get his wall do you think this is red meetings during his supporters do you think this is a real strategies he tanner will pursue. Well he certainly can't if he wants to I can only imagine what Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan row house were house and senate Republicans are thinking if this happens when it would be sometime in September. Let's take what is picture at least with a mid terms a government shuts down over this. Until I mean think they want to contemplate that I don't think this will happen I don't think the president will follow through but as you point out he's made these threats before he seems like he means and now. Just six months until mid terms George thank you we had a big show common apps are gonna let you go out again as a reminder you can see his exclusive interview with Rudy Giuliani coming up on this week plus stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avant Audi will be responding live that's coming up on this week right here on ABC.

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{"id":54969374,"title":"Trump talks tax reform as questions swirl amid Stormy Daniels scandal","duration":"5:32","description":"The president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News in an apparent attempt to clear up statements he made on the scandal.","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-talks-tax-reform-questions-swirl-amid-stormy-54969374","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}