Trump taps Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as next secretary of state

President Trump tapped CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and also selected Gina Haspel to be the next leader of the Central Intelligence Agency.
16:32 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Trump taps Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as next secretary of state
Good Morning America hope you're well this Tuesday morning Katy Perry looks pretty happy little yeah airline and they're. She blushing then he was blessings are pretty much to ask about hors de. But we do have some breaking news for our viewers in the west right now just moments ago the president. Fired a secretary of state Rex Tillerson tweeting that he wants CIA director Mike Pompeo had to take his place. And selecting the first woman Gina has to lead the CIA all this apparently blind side of the secretary of state. Amid these high stakes preparations for a first ever presidential some would North Korea. Our chief White House correspondent Jon Karl's in the briefing with the latest good morning John. Good morning George this is the third major player on the trump team to leave in just two weeks a remarkable lot of turnaround. Even by the standards of the troop administration. Just minutes ago the president explained his decision to fire his secretary of state like Iraq conducted about this for a long guy and why he wants CIA director Mike Pompeo. To be his new secretary of state. Mike we have say yep very similar thought process. Well told since departure comes just as the. President announced his boldest and riskiest diplomatic initiative yet. Agreeing to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong moves that announcement like the firing seemed to catch till Orson off guard. Senior White House official tells ABC news quote president wanted to make sure to have his new team in place in advance of the upcoming talks with North Korea. And various ongoing trade negotiations. The president asked the nation's top diplomat to step aside last Friday forcing Tillerson to cut short a trip to Africa and return to Washington. Relationship between trump until Orson was fraught from the stork. Tillerson split with the president on several major issues the Iran nuclear deal North Korea climate and trade. Last fall Tillerson refused to deny a report that he had called the president a moron. Still the president publicly insisted they got along. Interestingly what turned out to be tiller since last statement or apparently last statement as secretary of state was a harsh condemnation of Russia. In the wake of those poisonings in the United Kingdom Tillerson said quote. From Ukraine to Syria and now the UK Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world. Acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens. Now George that statement came last night from Rex Tillerson. And we are told that he was informed that he was going to be fired by chief of staff John Kelly on Friday so he made that statement. No we don't who was about to be fire and he informed by the chief of staff John Kelly on Friday but we just saw that statement from the state depart rain has ended the president did not speak. To Rex Tillerson directly his own secretary of state. It's it's quite remarkable and also announcing the news to the world. Via Twitter. But George now as you well know Tillerson and the president had been an odds as we mentioned on all those policy issues and clearly on a personal level for months. This excerpt this firing the timing of it may have been a surprise but the fact that he was getting fired is hardly a surprise. He intends to see the president just so open about their saying just hasn't had didn't have any chemistry yeah with Rex Tillerson he seemed to want your group believe the Rex Tillerson. Was getting five exactly this is a long time coming as John is is reporting the president now says it almost fourteen months into this administration he feels like his cabinet is almost. Up to speed almost almost up to speak let's bring our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz who is also standing by. More this change comes at a very crucial time for this white house with that summit on North Korea possibly happening as soon as may. At exactly sincerely and I want to go back to that statement from the State Department from one of the spokes people at the State Department. Who said the secretary had every intention of staying because of the critical progress. Made in national security. The secretary did not speak to the president and is unaware of the reason. But he is grateful for the opportunity to serve and still believe strongly that public service is a noble calling. John there mentioned their differences on North Korea. Just about 48 hours before the meeting was announced by president trump and president trump said he'd made that decision. Essentially on his own and didn't bring in to secretary of state Tillerson. To counsel him on that Rex Tillerson was saying. There was not this was not a time for negotiations their work and he'd he tried to cover that up a bit and saying what he meant is there's no time for talking the irony. Very very Martha is that for many months and even Rex Tillerson it'd been talking about talking North Korean president shutting him down. Exactly batted that is ironic indeed but they had so many differences as as John mentioned the president today mentioning. Iran specifically. Mean you know Georgian you know this you both know this so well he did not really get along. With the president they have very different views. And if you do that publicly you are not going to last in this White House and if you could not effectively. Speak about what differences you have we've all heard the president say he likes to hear different opinions. But if you can't effectively communicate that and you go against your president public. You are just not going to last especially not in a truck why not not not to mention not denying that he called the president more on exactly and I I think that's where everything turned that that statement was apparently or reportedly made. Last July. In the Pentagon than in about October it was reported. Reps tell ocean never really denied that he actually had. A press conference after that. And and didn't flat out deny it and have every opportunity. To due and Martha just quickly the president was quick to name a new CIA director what do we know about her. Odd that she is career so I did it Gina is has felt is a career CIA officer so I think she will be well liked with in the agency and that is such an important thing right now as the director leaves. Mike Pompeo again is is friends with the president he gets along well with the president and they are on the same page and that's important to this press. And the first woman to take that office as well OK Martha thank you wanna turn out of that other breaking news this morning. That tragic bus crash Texas highs of had to involving Texas high school students. On their way back from Florida when their bus plunged into a ravine in Alabama ABC's even pilgrim is here with more on this good morning Eva. Good morning to see get an urgent rescue is happening right now after a bus full of Houston at Bain and students crashes into a ravine. You can't see that we're mean is a huge drop off. Emergency responders shutting down the interstate helicopters have been called in they are life lighting some of the hurt. More than fifty students we are told from channel view high school were on this trip they were on a trip to Florida when the accident happened. They are on I ten now we have spoken to a family member of one of the kids who was on the bus. They tell less than some of the kids were asleep when the accident happened they woke up to they chaos. Those who weren't badly hurt begin passing out around a cell phone to contact their families. And we are told at least some of those kids are being taken to a hospital in Pensacola Sicilian. Okay Eva thank you turn on the situation there in the latest now from Austin Texas City on edge after two more package bomb exploded yesterday three now in ten days. To be woman killed more injured. An ABC's Alex presence on the scene in Austin good morning Alex. Hey good morning George federal investigators have been working through that no they tell authorities say these packages that were not delivered by mail but instead it left there by a suspect who they are now trying desperately to track down. This morning FB IA TF and local investigators on the hunts for a possible serial bomber. The incidents killing two. Injuring two others this evidence makes us believed it these incidents are related authorities say the packages were not delivered by mail service instead in each case. A mysterious average size letter box package it was left on the victim's front door left without enough or doorbell ring. The victims we have gone out and if handled and in some way or another and we had the explosions. Are the string of package explosions is starting march 2 is 6:55 AM. When 39 year old Anthony house was killed the next door neighbor who heard the explosion attempted to help save houses like. He looked at new Berry plays Deborah look they pretty much immediately lap. He was the response whatsoever. I think it room to rescue breaths. Investigators initially thought it was an isolated incidents until Monday morning. Three two people down one on the door and trade. When a seventeen year old boy opened the package he found that the front door killing him and injuring a woman. A few hours later investigators rushing to a second explosion just some five miles away. We we'll try doing an Eritrean Carlos. Didn't. Elderly Hispanic woman critically injured after she opened the package left on her front porch. The victims all black or Hispanic officials now looking into the possibility these may be hate crimes. And state investigators are now offering a 151000. Dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest authorities are warning residents if you get an unexpected package. Do not open it called 911. George. The way okay Alex thanks very much to Spain Austin's mayor Steve Adler police chief Brian Manley gentlemen thank you both for joining us this morning chief manly let me begin. Would you any closer identifying a suspect this morning. Now the work that's taken place since we last spoke yesterday really has been on the post blast analysis and again looking at any connections between the victims of these incidents to try and determine if there's any ideology behind these attacks well that was the question I wanted to bring to the mayor black and Hispanic victims here do you think this is a hate crime. I think is who Stewart referred us to know and understand that chief is not ruling out any possibility to make sure they do doesn't overlook anything. Reached ammonia and cheap when you look at the residue of these bombings what what other connections have you been able to draw. Between the package bombs in these three different incidents. So there are some specific components that we will go into the details up to protect the integrity of the investigation but. There are some specific things that we have seen that make us believe that all three of these packages. Were constructed by the same bomb maker the same person. Yes we believe that unity saying the suspect or suspects are responsible for all three of these attacks. And may remind people again if they get some kind of a package on their doorstep apparently these are being left. Exactly what they should do. About this for all we want people to do is to be very did vigilant. We don't want anybody there. It is open to pick up a package that in any way feel suspicious. Urging folks here call 911 in. For today if there's any doubt and reminding all they should leave the package loan they should call 91 run and and then let them let somebody else decide whether whether what the book and that is his right. Is worth exploring let's hope you all run this down today chief Merritt thanks very much. Just say okay George thanks who might turn out a storms brewing on both coasts the third nor'easter. Hitting in two weeks here on the East Coast in Al west Seattle to Southern California facing another round of rain and snow rob is tracking all. Both of those systems hit rock morning hey good morning gazillion CBC were in the middle of our eastern storm let's start with what's going on out west though a huge storm coming into the Pacific northwest you see that tropical connection. Into southern California's a lot of moisture with venison has flash flood watches have been posted. For Santa Barbara County in the barren areas here are some mandatory evacuations and winter storm warnings anywhere from. One to three feet of snow with this storm and in and out a couple of storms coming as we go through. For the rest of the week meanwhile back east Charlton Massachusetts I ninety shut down in parts because of some speed announcer you can see that tractor trailer. And Scituate Massachusetts coastal flooding their huge waves big winds gusting already over sixty miles an hour in spots and eastern parts of long ousting its slick roads with. Snow on the roads there as you can see all right this storm has been exploding as far as this rapidly deepening low pressure you music see some lightning strikes or give an idea of the left. Most of the heavy snow knows it's east of I-87. Along I 91 that's a mess. At least a barrel on interstate 95 and the right road I'll that's messed anywhere from. Twelve to maybe 24 inches across eastern parts of a New England lesser amounts you go west but for now let's go onto on the island are Cuban is is live for us this morning in Riverhead. Good morning GO. Hey rob good morning to you here in eastern Long Island we're talking about a full foot of snow possible it's really coming down hard it's coming down fast and I want to show you this this kind of snow it is that wet sort of heavy snow that slushy snow that's gonna be causing such a mess all over the place on the roads especially. And then you have those wins all across the northeast you're seeing these conditions. This morning millions in the northeast hit with another massive storm this is the third nor'easter in just eleven days and it's packing a wall. Down a North Carolina stretches of roads now riddled with vehicles unable to drive on the slick surface some cars even involved in crashes like this car completely flipped over on the side of the highway. Some parts of Kentucky Paul mold from the blizzards the roads covered in. Thick wet snow making it harder to drive. Logan Airport in Massachusetts. Left of virtual ghost town terminals completely empty multiple flights outright canceled. The governor pleading with residents to stay off the roads. And work from home because of those unsafe conditions. Those projected to come down between one and three inches per hour it times. And that means brutal driving conditions. And we talked about those winds will hear an Easter Long Island we had a wind gusts of 45 miles per hour that's why for coastal communities. Coastal flooding is a concern there are advisories and warnings in effect. But really it's all this no that is what is such a concern here is because you're gonna have a very dangerous morning commute Sicilian took good care unit team stay safe. Out there thank you Michael thank you Sicilian back here in New York near new detailed minute tragic helicopter crash. Investigators are looking at the wreck is trying to determine if a passenger strap. What's to blame we're learning more about 05 passengers who died ABC David Curley of on the scene with more good morning David. Morning Michael de pull the wreckage less than 24 hours out of the East River here. And it will yield clues us to why none of those five passengers survived. These are the scenes before tragedy smiles at liftoff for this private photo shoot flight at sunset Sunday moments later. There live a healthy they've they've. This morning the NTSB is on the scene investigating what brought the helicopter down into the East River killing all five passengers. The only survivor the pilot. Reportedly telling authorities that a hardest tether or part of a passenger bag snagged one of the fuel levers shutting it bleeding the engine have fuel. The pilot also saying that the deplorable floats for water landing like these did not inflict correctly on the right side possibly explaining. That dramatic flow up did both floats it operated. Probably would we've had this tragedy. When flowed student played there are times when the helicopter will still. And not necessarily stay afloat. Those killed were in their late twenty's and thirty's Brian McDaniel off firefighter with the Dallas fire rescue department on vacation. Visiting a friend Trevor cat again who just moved to New York to pursue a career in journalism. And Carla Blanco at tourists from Argentina. Daniel Thompson interest and hill employees of the sight seeing company hill engaged to be married. Now in NTSB investigators will also be looking at the harnesses that they were being worn by those who were in the helicopter. In a sister flight on the same night some of those flights it was very difficult to get out of those harnesses. Michael all right thank you very reduce sad and tragic and awful story and all the way around.

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{"id":53709091,"title":"Trump taps Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as next secretary of state","duration":"16:32","description":"President Trump tapped CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and also selected Gina Haspel to be the next leader of the Central Intelligence Agency. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-taps-mike-pompeo-replace-rex-tillerson-secretary-53709091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}