UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns

May's announcement that she will resign on June 7 puts an end to months of speculation over her future because of her handling of Brexit.
1:46 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns
We do turn to that breaking news. Theresa may stepping down from her position as Britain's prime minister announcing her resignation in front of downing street this morning with this emotional speech. Let's take a look. I will shortly leave the job. It has been the honor of my life to hold. The second female prime minister but certainly not the last. I do so with no ill will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the portunity to serve the country I love. Oh. We hear the tears right there. Over to Ian Pannell with the latest. A major moment this morning. Reporter: Yeah, that's right, good morning, Tom. What a morning of high little drama it's been here in Britain. Just as president trump plans to head this way in just over two weeks for a long awaited official state visit after months of pressure and speculation about her future, prime minister Theresa may has just announced her intentions to step down but staying in the job until president trump ends his as we saw, it was a highly dignified and at the end emotional and tearful speech. Theresa may talked about her legacy, the things she's achieved but I can tell you it is the one major thing she hasn't acheevered that she will be remembered for, Brexit. Britain's decision to exit the European union and failure to get a deal. It's one of our closest allies and president trump will land in the middle of one of the biggest post-war crisis they have ever faced and he indicated his liking for one of the main leading candidates to replace her and everybody will look to see if he weighs in again at such a highly sensitive moment, Cecilia. We are certainly waiting to see if that happens. Thank you.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"May's announcement that she will resign on June 7 puts an end to months of speculation over her future because of her handling of Brexit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63250455","title":"UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns","url":"/GMA/News/video/uk-prime-minister-theresa-resigns-63250455"}