US figure skaters steal the show at Winter Olympics

Team USA is making history and sparking outrage at the 2018 Olympic Games.
4:06 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for US figure skaters steal the show at Winter Olympics
Now to the a loimp IX. Team usa winning big overnight. Jam mooi Anderson soaring to a gold. And the American figure skater making history and stealing the show. Hey, Amy. Reporter: Hi, Michael. It was so exciting. All of that skating magic happened right here behind me at the ice arena. It was a huge day for team usa. From the ice. All the way to the slopes. On the ice, the U.S. Wrapping up a tough team figure skating competition. Adam Rippon, greasefully performing a nearly flawless program. Yet still placing third in his event. While other skater who is finished in the top two spots both fell. The call igniting outrage on social media. Right up into it, yes! Oh! Wow! Reporter: And mirai nagasu, the firstrican woman to ever complete a triple Axel at the winter games, helping the the United States take home the bronze. ??? call her team usa's queen of the mountain, Jamie Anderson, soaring. And spinning through the women's snowboard slopestyle to win the United States' second gold medal, even in winding conditions. It made it superchallenging to clear the jumps. Reporter: Just hours earlier, red Gerard, also victorious in the men's event. The 17-year-old shredding his way to the top. Now the youngest American male gold medalist in 90 years. I actually said going into the contests that I love fourth place. But first place is better. I gotta say. Reporter: Chris mazdzer down the luge track straight into the history box and the silver. Mazdzer trying this most on Instagram. It honestly doesn't feel real yet. It honestly has take an village to put me in the position where I was on the handles. That village cheering him on erupting into celebration after the 29-year-old crossed the finish line. So tell us who was in that very spirited and probably cold clan cheering you on. My sisters, Kate and Sara. My girlfriend, Mara. It was amazing having everyone there. Reporter: Chris's fans not dressed for the brutally cold weather. He says he likes it that way. That extreme cold gives him the icy fast conditions he needs. He liked it when there's though room for mistakes and no room for adjustments. One person here who is enjoying the the colder temperatures. I want to turn to my colleague, Matt Gutman, who has been covering the olympics with me. How are you enjoying the temperatures? Reporter: I'm look forward to feeling my face again, Amy. You know it. It's been brutally, mercilessly cold this weekend. Right now, a wind chill temperature of zero degrees here. We tried to take the temperature earlier with this laser thermometer. It crapped out. The phones are on the Fritz here. The wind has wreaked havoc on the games. Canceling number of events. Tess Coady has blamed it for a crash that caused her to rupture in her acl. Snowboarders say flying in the air feels like they have a sail beneath them with all the wind. Good news coming up. Balmy weather ahead, with a high of 30 degrees tomorrow. Amy? That is going to feel like Miami, Matt. Ky not wait for that. Let's look at the loimpic medal count. The United States big wins today put news the top five. Norway is leading with the overall medal count at eight. Germany with the most golds with four. As you know, we have a long way to go. This is just the beginning. And we're all rooting for team usa. Back to you guys. Quite the fight. Yes, sit. We have a lot more. Amy will be back. To the deadly helicopter crash in the grand canyon that

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{"id":53014502,"title":"US figure skaters steal the show at Winter Olympics","duration":"4:06","description":"Team USA is making history and sparking outrage at the 2018 Olympic Games. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-figure-skaters-steal-show-winter-olympics-53014502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}