US Figure Skating reckoning with sexual abuse allegations against Olympic coach

Craig Maurizi first accused coach Richard Callaghan in 1999 of sexually abusing him.
4:08 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for US Figure Skating reckoning with sexual abuse allegations against Olympic coach
The SA gymnastics scandal in American figure skaters now claiming. This Figure Skating Association turned a blind eye when he accused a coach of sexual abuse two decades ago. Paul first set Dallack Craig Morton reaching for an exclusive interview she joins us now good morning Paula. Good morning to you George primaries he first brought his allegations to skating he's governing bodies. In twenty to 1990 and almost twenty years ago claiming the man who coached some of the biggest names in figure skating had abused him for years. Parisi says it was swept under the rug nothing short of a cover up but now in the wake of scandals and other Olympic sports he thinks it is time to speak again. But this time he's hoping for consequences. There's a life sentence in Lawrence. This pay him who him. Former pairs skater Craig Parisi says that life sentence. Began when he started training with renowned figure skating coach Richard Callahan Callahan who has coached olympians like Tara Lipinski and Todd Eldridge. He came worries ease coach when he was thirteen. According to very easy Callahan began grew beat him shortly thereafter and sexually abused him until he was in his twenties how often was this happening. In the hundreds. I'm angry I'm I'm embarrassed. This isn't the first time Marreese he has made these allegations. He told a story to New York Times and two hour Diane Sawyer back in 99. I have spoken with the with five. Mail mail for male students who were went inappropriate sexual relations Richard as well. You reported him to the US Figure Skating Association twenty years ago. And not being was done. Populist. It's it's really. Shocking. Six people wrote letters of support for Marie easy some are saying they'd witnessed or heard of abuse by Callahan. And two saying they had been abused by Callahan themselves. But in documents obtained by ABC news. US figure skating officials quickly dismissed his claims stating that since Mori's ED did file a grievance within sixty days of the alleged abuse. It was considered untimely. Didn't even give you hearing didn't give me hearing nothing but despite his claims be dismissed nearly two decades ago. The recent gymnastics scandals empowered Marie easy to brief filed his grievance to safe sport. The Olympic committee's misconduct watchdog. Let's say that. And to tell his story again. Hobo it's okay. As difficult as it may be. I have the the obligation to my mind to who. Do whatever I believe is. Necessary. And helpful to help other people. As we look at the gymnastics horrors as we look at the swimming story. They almost can't believe it's happened again and figure skating. Her breezy now 55 and engaged. He spends most days coty elite athletes at this New Jersey ranked taking one of them to last month's Winter Olympics between Iraqi. Callahan who in 1999 vigorously denied having sex with Marie easy or engaging in any improper behavior. Continued to teach even running a school with Todd Eldridge but he was suspended last week by US figure skating. As an investigation was opened. Former breezy that's not enough he should be in jail. If you had an opportunity to you talk to him to approach him it hadn't thought about what you may say. I had. Tellem berg who rot in hell. Richard Callahan refused our request for an interview his attorney telling us he won't speak publicly. While the investigation is ongoing a US figure skating tells ABC news. It has a zero tolerance policy for abuse and harassment. Says it has implemented a task force on this issue right after Craig Murray sees 1989 complaint they say they've never received any complaints about Callahan. Before or after Marie sees but but Georgia US figure skating tried to discourage him from doing this interview with us hoping it's a fair hearing no thanks we'll.

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{"id":53699708,"title":"US Figure Skating reckoning with sexual abuse allegations against Olympic coach","duration":"4:08","description":"Craig Maurizi first accused coach Richard Callaghan in 1999 of sexually abusing him.","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-figure-skating-reckoning-sexual-abuse-allegations-olympic-53699708","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}