US hits new daily high in COVID-19 cases

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett speaks out on “GMA” about conditions in his city as Wisconsin reports a COVID-19 positivity rate of nearly 37%.
5:58 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for US hits new daily high in COVID-19 cases
More now on the corona marked emergency with more than 45 million cases worldwide. The US is on the verge of surpassing nine million with cases up in 48 state operated join does now. From hard hit Kenosha with Constance good morning Alex. Hey good morning Michael here in Wisconsin and across much of the country in the numbers are all going in the wrong direction and much concern right now is that there seems to be no peak insight. This morning in unsettling new record for the United States 88500. New corona virus cases in one day the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. Ohio governor to wind says deuce no place to hide from the virus has cases surpassed 3000 for the first time viruses region. Throughout the state of Ohio in Wisconsin Billy is numbers grim and nearly 5000 new cases reported Thursday that positive any rate here jaw dropping 36 point 9%. Hospitals in the state on track to run out of icu beds in as little as two weeks one in five reporting a critical staffing shortage. Couldn't eat and been without the oxygen. Colin low 60s70s. And bar machine and currents Antony. Carmen learn mom battled co bid nineteen in July suffering through 45 days on a ventilator both of her lungs failing. But a turn for the better for this Milwaukee residents and nine days ago the 52 year old received a double lung transplant saving her life. It's all being responsible being educated in understanding that Holler. Does iris. In all right now 25 states is setting new records in for cases in the last two weeks. So concerning El Paso County in Texas enacting immediately a two week shutdown of nonessential businesses. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton tweeting that the judge has no authority to shut down businesses. Adding my office is quickly exploring all legal actions. When you've got a thirteen season coming that you. And Uga yields assume he's coming up like Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is the perfect storm. And with Halloween coming up this weekend they're real fear the number of people infected across the country could surge even more if changes aren't many. Grappling with one of the largest outbreaks in the country the dead weird indoor event in South Dakota is still expected to go on with thousands in attendance. And New York city's mayor vowing zero tolerance for any violations this. Big gatherings parties that's not great at all and we find out about a movement have to break them up. And to give me an idea just how serious the situation is here in Wisconsin hospitalizations are up 16%. This week compared to just last week George OK Alec thanks for much of spring in the mirror Milwaukee Tom Barrett. Mayor Barrett thank you for joining us win the statewide numbers are just staggering 36 point 9% positive that he rate. What are you facing in Milwaukee right now. But appreciate a sharp increase our numbers here is he Milwaukee we had things in their control would have no less biased. Six weeks we've seen about by Pope. Increase in the number of cases. We have enough hospital that's not what. We have you'll term care facility here that we enacted earlier this year that's starting to receive patients from around the state. But the hostile issue and I was into workers' she's a real issue is a lot of fatigue among the health care workers who've been working around there it's like he can these patients what went wrong these last 56 weeks. Five I think we've got to a terribly poisonous political atmosphere here governor humorous is. A really noteworthy job and trying to enact. Restrictions. The Republican leadership in the legislature and the Republican supreme court's toward him time and time again just yesterday. The governor asked the Supreme Court to immediately take up the case of their challenges his ability to put restrictions on restaurants and other places. Because right now it's it is a house divided Wisconsin and that's a beer fortune you're putting restrictions in Milwaukee on its large gatherings on indoor dining is a time to ban indoor dining. Like they have in Chicago. We are not taking anything off the table again we have seen increases in the last several weeks years are we want to obviously make sure we're helping the workers in those restaurants they continue to work by. But I am concerned and I look at these numbers on a daily basis sometimes three or four times today to see what we can be doing. So nothing's off the table right now because the numbers are growing in unabated built level and it's just not acceptable what does this all mean for Election Day. Both received probably half of our voters already vote so that's a good thing we put in a lot of safeguards for our voters. We've got fifteen early voting sites are working early voting sites so people can't vote. In a safe way we've got a 170 locations we have only five in the spring time because we blossoming workers. But we put millions of dollars into giving people different alternatives about so we think that's going to be very very safe unlike April where lessons. It's going to be safe I'm November 3 and opt to November there anything more you need from the federal government right now. What we absolutely. Need them to continue funding because neither we or other communities in this state or this nation. We'll be able to do the testing or the tracing. After the cares act money runs out this is not something that we can afford even his speech can afford it. Congress has to combat it has to allocate money for is for testing. It has to allocate money. Retreating because we pet. We've got thousands of tests that are are occurring every single day and you saw the positive but he retired it's it's in the thirties in the state. We have to make sure people know when they're sick so they can stay away from other people it's impair him. The congress acts you all are ground zero right now there thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett speaks out on “GMA” about conditions in his city as Wisconsin reports a COVID-19 positivity rate of nearly 37%.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73921052","title":"US hits new daily high in COVID-19 cases","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-hits-daily-high-covid-19-cases-73921052"}