New video of Colorado murder suspect on relationship advice

Chris Watts, charged with the murders of his wife and two daughters, had a video on his Youtube channel six years ago in which he discussed why relationships fail.
6:00 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for New video of Colorado murder suspect on relationship advice
We turn to new details in the color murder of that pregnant mother and her two daugers. A videofacingwing her husband, the triple homicide sut talkingbout aff andationship advi whatou it all mean for the case? ABC's Eva pilgrim is here with more. Good morning. Rr: Good morning. This was a pntation for a CL Y relationships fail and how ixthem. A sngly ient subject at the time. A ece of the investigation. Six years befwas charged for the murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters, Chris wapoed Teo his YouTube channel a preatn he gave about why relationships fail for aomtions class. Commitm is weak, T relationship is full of doubt and the relatio deteriorates faster. Reporter: In nine-minute via hits on some issues ce say pla his O marriage with shanann like his alleged fidelity with a co-worker. Even at the job you mig meet a new person and could strengthen intoomhing else. Reporten arguing at the time T hav children could save a relationship. Shanann was 15 weeks pt with a baby boy whenhe was Ed. Sometimes W you hav children and your relationship Reporter: Also this morning new images of the Watts family said to be on a Myrtle B Vaca just two weeks before murders. Shanann was veryoving with her children. She S very involved. Repr: Michele Greer snapped these ptos and spoke with Sha while their children played Herusband actually was kind of stand sh. Didn't speak to us at all. There I took of one sons you can see him in the background. It looks like he wasore interen the phone versus watching his daughter jump on ppo says H thinks Watts exhibited bizarre interview during T porch interview where hed his MI safe return. Shanann, be Celeste, if you're out there, just C back. Very calm, talked to me Abo basketball, aboutth Carolina basketball before every. Reporter: Now, Chris Watts told investigators he killed his wit claims she killed the two children. He is ted B in court in November. Cecilia. Okay,eva, T you. G us Dan Abrams and Nancy gr welcome to you both. Let's talk about this new video. Chris Watts gives T presentation and among things he'sking about, infidelity with a co-worker. Smoking gun, Nancy? Well, you know the time problem. It was several years before did that deo, Wever, when you se as your werpoint the deterioration a relationship and you come right out and say, sometimes when you have children, the lust and the desire lea your relationship and you think Y may be better off wi another person, I guarantee youha going to come in as evidence at trial for motive. I don't Thi it's going to come in at all. The idea he is suggest if a relationshipng south, these are what -- the things that can happen. What doeat have to do -- he dot talk abo,oh, and the remedy I gohead and kill your spouse. So, he's jus talking about -- The jurfigure that. Say it again I think the jury C figure ou if two and still equal four theygot him saying the love, the desire, thelust, he says, hiwo, mine are G from a relatiip after having children. I mean,he jury can figure out and, again, state doesn't to prove motive, dang, but here'sotive on a silver te but, you know, again, I don't ink it ll come Florida evidence much Lessa smoking gun. I thinrt will say, what do have to do with this case let's also talk about behavior. We've seen M, we've heard from this woman that says she saw them on vacation where she desc Chris as stand offish. There's that porch interview that many peopl saywa actingrange. Any clues that there, Dan? Ok, I think the porch terview is critical. The fact hooks stand offish is irrelevant so porch interview is critical because -- I ree. It will demonstrate he was lyinwhen he'sg out there, oh, you know, please, just come back. Even if you take his version of the facts, he knew she was dead. He knew kids were dead and he's pretending a if, , I just want you to come ba Dan, you are so about that. Theygoing to py that in front of the jury and not ti that, when you supposo be determining his credibility which is the sole promise of a jury andot him right there lying ading to his O state later about what ened, how could believe what his attorneys say trial if they've already got video lying. So, were onhatbut, ncy, do you a that the D doesn't matter? I mean, so som says they were on vacation -- Doesn't mean a hill of ans. I mean, look at Y own family photos. Me always standing lookinf in other direction,urse, so that means nothing. L tk about a startling defense laid out for himself. He ss his wif killed the children and tn he ickly. Lievable? It's not a defense. It's basically saying I sd be convicted of manslaughter, not because it' not a defense to say, oh, she did this antherefore I killed her. At's basicallying I acted he heatfassion as a lt of a lesser conv Yeah, yeah, he could gue that he should get involunt or voluntary manslaughter. Because H so Ang and acted in a rage but illy think if youlyze the time line and the physical evidence of the es, that defense will not wort trial. Tough nse. I think the headline is she said she ad with you a one point. Yeah. Nancy, thank you both.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"Chris Watts, charged with the murders of his wife and two daughters, had a video on his Youtube channel six years ago in which he discussed why relationships fail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57375473","title":"New video of Colorado murder suspect on relationship advice","url":"/GMA/News/video/video-colorado-murder-suspect-relationship-advice-57375473"}