What to watch in public impeachment hearings

Democrats plan to take their case directly to the American people, calling on key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry to testify publicly.
2:38 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for What to watch in public impeachment hearings
Alabama not much in the white house. As Cecilia noted those hearings begin next week. Senior national correspondent Terry Moran is there with a look at what we can expect. Good morning, Terry. Reporter: There's no greater drama than public hearings on the impeachment of a president. "The partridge family" San warfare and the stakes could not be higher for president trump and for our country. Democrats are lining up their witnesses for next week's impeachment hearings. Now the American people will hear from them. Reporter: Public hearings. Public impeachment hearings. Reporter: And keeping an eye on the millions of Americans who will tune in to watch. Those open hearings will be an opportunity for the American people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves with you to learn firsthand about the president. Reporter: Those first rounds starting next Wednesday will be held by the house intelligence committee to lay out the evidence. Democratic chairman-schiff, a former prosecutor, is planning to keep it tight. Just a handful of witnesses in several hearings over the next few weeks and under the rules Democrats can block any Republican subpoenas. Republicans including senator Lindsey graham are railing at the process. The whole process is a joke. I'm not buying into Schiff run ago I legitimate operation over there. Reporter: During the bill Clinton impeachment -- I was called upon to give you my judgment. Reporter: The only major witness was independent counsel Ken Starr, the prosecutor. This time people inside the trump administration will be called to testify and white house lawyers will be able to make their case and cross-examine witnesses. Schiff's committee will write a report summarizing the evidence and turn it over to the judiciary committee under Jerry Nadler and then the judiciary committee will draft articles of impeachment, the actual charges against president trump, abuse of power will be at the top of the list, they say and vote. A solemn moment in the Richard Nixon moment, some struggled to control their emotion. Mr. Rodino. Aye. Reporter: I remember watching that as a kid. If the house of representatives votes by a simple majority to impeach that doesn't mean the president is removed. That means there will be a trial in the senate and only if two-thirds of the senators would vote to convict he would be removed. Something Americans have never done. Many steps to go. Thanks very much. Live coverage of the impeachment hearings. They start at 10:00 eastern next Wednesday.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Democrats plan to take their case directly to the American people, calling on key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry to testify publicly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66815781","title":"What to watch in public impeachment hearings","url":"/GMA/News/video/watch-public-impeachment-hearings-66815781"}