White House continues preparation for possible North Korea summit

North Korea says it remains open to talks with U.S. and Trump suggests a summit could still take place.
4:50 | 05/26/18

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Transcript for White House continues preparation for possible North Korea summit
President trump. Hitting Twitter overnight to just be high stakes. On again off again summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jung and apparently it may be on again the president tweeting in part. We are having very productive talks with North Korea about reinstating the summit ABC's White House correspondent terror Paul Mary and more from Washington terrace South Korea just tweeted about a meeting with North Korea. That's right Dan and Paula were getting new pictures of a meeting between the president of South Korea and Kim Jong-un. They met this morning to talk about the summit and hearing arc. Seen in racing each other now this is the second time they Matt in the past month as the world week to see if the North Korean summit with the US goes forward. This morning president trumpet leaving the door open for an historic peace summit next month. With North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon. Well see what happens it could even be that well. We're talking did that now they are very much want to do it we'd like it still wouldn't see what happens. In that tweet overnight the president saying there have been quote during a productive talks about reinstating the summit. The reversal coming after preliminary talks between the US and North Korea turned hostile. By mid week both threatening nuclear war the president canceled a June 12 meeting in Singapore writing Thursday they would be quote inappropriate. Because of North Korea's tremendous anger and open hostility. But after north clear released a new conciliatory statement on Friday. Trump suggesting it's all part of the dance telling ABC's Jonathan Karl. You know that better than anybody. North Korea's vice minister of foreign affairs threatened to call off the summit while referring to vice president Mike Pence as quote a political dummy. This war of the words conductor pence made an appearance on Fox News. Suggesting that if they don't completely. This president has made it clear that we will not tolerate North Korea. Possessing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Despite the back and forth. White house Press Secretary Serra Sanders tell reporters there's still going ahead with preparations. We're going to be prepared. If the meeting takes place on June 12 as the president indicated it's still closed this morning. Will be ready. One way or the other it. A White House advance team of about thirty officials is still expected to take off on Sunday for Singapore for more planning meetings. Just two weeks ago during their last planning meetings they were stud out by North Korean officials stand Paula. Sarah thank acting and I think we can expect more twists and turns as this is just. If you scored let's bring in ABC news' chief political analyst Matthew dad Mac good morning taking you have been on this very broadcast critical of the president on many many fronts. But. Abruptly canceling the summit day or two ago it it might actually be working. Well I. I don't think there's any criticism you can make of somebody that if they do an unconventional in their successful that's a good thing and I obviously some of our form foreign policy has been stopped like North Korea. In an unsolved territory so I don't think unconventional creative. Is bad. I think if you don't have a strategy that's when you have a problem I was thinking of this. The Harlem Globetrotters. NBA and I think this president needs to lay out what his strategy is. And say that bend what is tactical unconventional things how does it fit because as of right now we have no idea. And speaking of strategy -- Matt good morning to you by the way out. Trump continues to maintain that the FBI sent to spy and in this election campaign in this morning the AP is reporting that trumps legal team. Want to free seen on the classified information that was Ari disseminated with both Democrats and Republicans this week as to the origins of the FBI investigation but. Strategy rice isn't this just part of a larger strategy to continue to undermine the Muller investigation. We of course having that good that Donald Trump understands that as this proceeds there what is likely to come out of this if as Muller presents his report. Is not a factually criminal indictment but is more of a political question which then enters into impeachment which is always a political decision made by the House of Representatives. And then by the senate in this. I think one down truck used the term spy knowing it wasn't true. And used it because he knew how inflammatory could be. But I think the president for the last sixty or ninety days and Rudy Giuliani is attorney now. Had been using this process to undermine anything that might come out of this one a report is filed by Bob Mueller it's not a factual. Argument it's a political argument they're making and there are some poll numbers to suggest it may be working Matthew debt we appreciate your insight this morning as always thank you.

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{"id":55457478,"title":"White House continues preparation for possible North Korea summit","duration":"4:50","description":"North Korea says it remains open to talks with U.S. and Trump suggests a summit could still take place.","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-house-continues-preparation-north-korea-summit-55457478","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}