White House lawyer cooperating with special counsel's investigation

Donald McGahn was reportedly questioned for hours, answering questions for longer than any other staffer in the investigation.
5:20 | 08/19/18

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Transcript for White House lawyer cooperating with special counsel's investigation
Thanks, rob. The new details about the special counsel's Russia's investigation. ABC news cfirming white house coundon mcgahn is extensively cooperating with probe answering hours of qutions. President trump S allowed mcgahn to speak to Robert Mueller's tm. Abc'white house correspondent Tara Palmeri is in New Jersey whesident is spending the end with more. Tara, good mning. Reporter: Good morning, whit a. N mcgahn reportedly offered sight into se of his most intimate moments with prident, including trump's furor over the Russia investigation anthe firing of for FBI direcr James Comey. Overnight president trump acknowledgg a stunning new report from "The New York Times" revealing that white H col, don mcgahn, has cooperated extensiveith the ecial counl's investig trump tweeting, I alloe house counsel don mcgahn and all other reted members the white house staff to fully coerate with the special counsel. Ddition, wreadily gave over 1 million pages of documents. The predent encourageall the people who testified to tell the truth, to take as long as they needed to T that. Caller: Mcgn reportedly shared, que, detailecounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry into whether president trump obstructed justice. ABC news confirming at mcgahn has met with Mueller's team at least three times and has been questioned for morurs than any other member of the white house staff who has gone in for annterview. Ite house sources have told ABC newst Mueller had specifically requested to speak to mn due to the circumstances surroug James comefiring. Mr. Mueller is highly conflicted. In fact, Comey is like his best friend. I could go into nflict after conflict. Caller:ahn's lawyers telling ABC news in a statement that his client answer the special counsel's office questis, quote, fulsy and honestly after the psident's Wyers declined to Sert executivivilege over his testimony. White house sources tell ABC news that mcgahn and the esident have a frayed relationship. Mcgahn has openly expressed his ustrations about the president and according to "The New York Times" mcgahn called the president Ng Kong because of his supposedly volcanic anger. Trp's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, teg ABC news tt he's confident mcgahn did not offer any evidence that is, quote, remotearmful to E president. Don mcgahn was the strongest witness for the president, meaning he complety gave testimony that said that the president dn't do anything wrong. Reporter: This morning president tris lashing out agnst that "New yorkes" report, callinit a fake piece, tweeting, it implies that do mcgahn was giving hours of testimony use he must be a, quote, John Dean type rat. He says, Q, but I allowed him and all others to testify.I didn't have to. I havehing to hide. Guys. All right, Tara, thyou. So much to discuss here. Let's bring in our chief anchor, George Stephanopoulos, who's hosting "This we" later this morning. A lot tosect here. ABC news confirming that white house counsel don mcgahn has M with Mueller's team. The president signed off on it. But how significant is it fo the white house lawyer to cooperate at this level? It's stunning, absolutely stunning. 30 hours of testimon could be even more than that. It's aprise to many people who haveched this case closely that the president didn cite executive privilege and prevent don mcgahn a rs from testifying. Agole -- as the president said, it shows.here's what we don't know, here's the big questgoing forward. Even though according to the reportg don mcga said he didn'tirectly sethe esident break law but how is thenformation put the by Robert Muell with everything else he's gathered over thiore than year of investigation. It's one more signthink, that Robert Mueller has gone per and further tn anyone knows. We don't know whatert muelr knows. We kw he knows an awful lot. And he's keepit all very quiet. President trump caused a huge stir this week revoking the security clearance one of his biggest critics, former CIA director John Brennan. A lot of bash from that move. What does this meaning forward? This something we've NER seen be. Thpresident clearly has the power to revoke curity clearances but no president has ever Tak away the sec cleae of a former official because he didn't lik what that official was saying out there in public. Others have lost tir clearanchen they broke the law, mishandled clfied information, not when they've spoken politically. That's why it sparks such a fierce back we've seen dozens former intelligence officials going back to the Reagan administration including 14 CIA directors and deputy CIA directors rebu president trump for this move. E presidendoes not appear to be done. He's threatening to revoke more secu clearances, even some officials who still serve in T government. That'shilling. A big show is morning. Thanks, George. GE has that show this morning, "This W" co-ahor, Martha Raddatz has an exclusive interview this morning wiohn Bolton. That's all coming up on "This

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Donald McGahn was reportedly questioned for hours, answering questions for longer than any other staffer in the investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57268613","title":"White House lawyer cooperating with special counsel's investigation","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-house-lawyer-cooperating-special-counsels-investigation-57268613"}