Ex-wife of alleged serial killer speaks out

Dr. Connie Jones said she knew former husband Dwight Jones, accused of killing six people in Arizona, "would not stop until he got me."
2:57 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Ex-wife of alleged serial killer speaks out
We'll switch to the case of the man who police say killed six before turning the gun on himself all part of a revenge plot related to his divorce and now his ex-wife is breaking her silence. Matt Gutman is in Scottsdale with more on all this. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, robin and in addition to hearing from that ex-wife Dr. Connie Jones, we spent yesterday talking to two other intended targets, one of them was the divorce attorney involved, the other was a family therapist and what everybody seemed to agree upon is that Dwight Jones, that shooter, was a ticking time bomb. The only question was when he was going to explode. The murder spree terrorized the Phoenix area and now the gunman's ex-wife and primary target says it was inevitable. I knew that one day we would be in a situation where he was trying to kill me and I felt that I had a personal terrorist. Reporter: Dr. Connie Jones speaking for the first time since her ex-husband Dwight Jones murdered six people. We had to continue our vigilance because I still knew that this was a man that would not stop until he got me. Reporter: And when he couldn't get her police say he targeted lawyers and psychologists and ultimately bystanders involved in that bitter near decade-long divorce battle. Jones eventually taking his own life but while he lived he refused to leave her alone. We had countless rental cars and three safe houses, we had attack trained dog. Reporter: This was her private investigator then became her husband. I knew this was Dwight Jones. Reporter: During the middle of that shooting spree he reached out to the police telling them that Jones was their suspect, a day later Connie's lawyer in that brutal divorce Elizabeth Feldman came to the same conclusion. She was away from her office when it was attacked. The police suggested that I not go home and I made sure that my daughter wasn't home and she was out doing her thing and we stayed away from the home until Monday. Reporter: Another intended target would survived was Karen Colby, a Jones family therapist. In what way was this unusual? This case was by far the most fraught with potential for violence as anything I've ever worked on ever. Reporter: Now for a number of years injunctions against Dwight Jones prevented him from legally obtaining a firearm but after a number of years those injunctions lapsed and I'm told by law enforcement sources that by the time he became a serial shooter it was perfectly legal for him to have and obtain firearms. I'm also told by the time he killed himself in that hotel room he had multiple guns on him including an ar-style weapon. Robin. Oh, my. Maggie, thank you.

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{"id":55858041,"title":"Ex-wife of alleged serial killer speaks out","duration":"2:57","description":"Dr. Connie Jones said she knew former husband Dwight Jones, accused of killing six people in Arizona, \"would not stop until he got me.\"","url":"/GMA/News/video/wife-alleged-serial-killer-speaks-55858041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}