Winter storm slams Mid-Atlantic states

Millions of people are affected by the storm as it arrives on the East Coast
3:31 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for Winter storm slams Mid-Atlantic states
We begin though is that dangerous and deadly winter storm sweeping across the country I get this the winter blast is blanketing millions with snowed out hitting the East Coast this is a live picture from the nation's capital. The conditions so dangerous a delta flight slid off the tarmac. At Cincinnati northern Kentucky international airport. And look at how much snow it dropped in the midwest cars just buried more than 200000. Without power from Kansas to Virginia. We have team coverage Robbie is tracking the storm. But let's first go to ABC's Stephanie Ramos in Washington where the snow is starting to pile up Stephanie good morning. It certainly is good morning guys the deadly winter storm is now here in DC and the snow is falling fast more than an inch per hour the storm really impacting millions of people. Overnight slide offs slick roads and stranded drivers as this major winter storm hit the East Coast. In Maryland just outside DC snow covered highways causing this court to smash into a utility pole. This bus ended on the shoulder. This don't fall expected to dump up to ten inches on the nation's capital today. In the Ohio valley a plane skidding off the tarmac this morning at Cincinnati northern Kentucky international airport. Officials saying thankfully no one was injured. In the midwest Saint Louis receiving its biggest snowfall in five years. Other parts of Missouri accumulating more than one inches of snow in just over thirty hours. That increment weather leading to whiteout conditions triggering multiple crashes leaving at least four people dead and more than fifty others injured statewide. Crews while going to keep up C troopers responding to more than 8000. Calls for help. Our biggest problem in this storm has been the intensity the roads get slick fast and it's impossible for us to keep up. After Saint Louis airport crews working tirelessly to keep runways clear. Indiana blowing snow nearly blinding drivers police respond to more than 100 clashes in dozens of slide else. This semi overturned on I 65. Outside of Indianapolis. Virginia's governor declaring a state of emergency the DC Meryl land of Virginia areas expecting downed trees power outages and major and. Packs on the way it's. Quit all right Stephanie Ramos forests in Washington we appreciate it let's get right rob -- Marciano with a check of what can expect over the next few hours drop it'll be increasing with that's the main now focus here we've got to coastal low developing enemies in northwest part of that Woolsey some both frontal Genesis if you wanna get technical DC back throwing to Charlottesville this is the area while the snow will be increasing as we go to the next three to four hours there's also on up rollover local component to this is Saint Louis are still getting another. Snow band is sliding through this so wide reach of this system and we've got winter storm warnings from Cincinnati back to Washington DC now extended to just. Into southern Bridget average. New Jersey but Virginia and North Carolina. Icing situation there and that's where the power outages are reeling in a start to climb here over the next several hours especially across parts of North Carolina we could see another. Three tenths to four tenths of an inch or vice reported seeing upwards of half an inch of ice there. And that of the snow 6 PM tonight so coming down in DC the back get him into Pittsburgh and once it moves up finally late tonight tomorrow. Cold air coming in behind this it's going to be no joke from New York to Boston's well temperatures tomorrow morning will feel like they're in teens you know property. Our new Watson I want to shore.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Millions of people are affected by the storm as it arrives on the East Coast","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60343915","title":"Winter storm slams Mid-Atlantic states ","url":"/GMA/News/video/winter-storm-slams-mid-atlantic-states-60343915"}