Woman accused of being fake heiress faces trial

Anna Delvey stands accused of stealing $275,000 from banks, hotels and friends, allegedly all part of an elaborate scheme to maintain illusions of grandeur.
2:34 | 03/28/19

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Transcript for Woman accused of being fake heiress faces trial
glamour. The German heiress sporting designer clothes, staying in fancy New York hotels and rubbing shoulders with the who's who of the Manhattan social scene. But prosecutors say that delvey whose real name is Anna Sorokin is a scam artist who stands accused of stealing $275,000 from bank, hotels and friends, all part of an elaborate scheme to keep up her illusion of grandeur, claims Sorokin designs. I think that there is a lack of intent for any of the crimes in the indictment. What she did do is take advantage of a system that basically opened their arms and doors to anyone who had the appearance of being rich. Reporter: Prosecutors allege among other things Sorokin told banks she was a German heiress in Ang attempt to secure a $22 million to open a private club. She stiffed a friend with a $62,000 bill after inviting her on an all expenses paid trip to Morocco and never paid for a $35,000 plane that she chartered to Omaha. Authorities also say she deposited bad checks and transferred the money before they bounced to help foot the $30,000 bill she racked up at the hotel she was living in. The 28-year-old seen here in this new exclusive video obtained by dailymail.com appearing in court for the opening statements of her trial on Wednesday where her defense attorney argued she never intended to commit a larceny saying she came to the U.S. And was just buying time so that she could launch her own business and was planning on repaying her debts. There was no way that she could have committed this crime. The banks did no due diligence. They didn't look into anything. If they did they would know these were inaccurate documents. The defense she didn't intend to steal it and had every intention of repaying is not compelling at all. Reporter: Sorokin's story first made headlines in this article last year. It caught the eye of Shonda rhimes and Lena Dunham who are both reportedly producing TV shows centered on her. Now, regardless of how this trial ends she is expected to be deported because according to authorities she's overstayed her Visa but those that Erin in her circles didn't see red flags because when she had money she was doling it out generously, tips to driver, tips to servers and when she didn't, she just said, I'm having problems moving my assets from Europe. So it sounded legit but her attorney says she just exploited a system that was seduced by glitz and glamour. Sounds like she overstayed her welcome. Good one, Amy. I think you just dropped the

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Anna Delvey stands accused of stealing $275,000 from banks, hotels and friends, allegedly all part of an elaborate scheme to maintain illusions of grandeur.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62003459","title":"Woman accused of being fake heiress faces trial","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-accused-fake-heiress-faces-trial-62003459"}