Basic, must-have gifts for under $30

Good Housekeeping’s Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares her holiday gift ideas.
2:40 | 12/14/19

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Transcript for Basic, must-have gifts for under $30
Thanks, whit. Yeah, the countdown is on. We're running out of time. If you still need some gifts, "Good housekeeping's" style director Lori bergamotto is here. Must haves for underneath the tree. Everything is under $30. We start with something people often feel like is a little pedestrian, but we've elevated it for you. So, tah-dah, we have candles. Why these candles? These are from homesick. You know how you smell something and get brought back to a certain place or a certain memory. You're really gifting that to somebody, and they started with states and cities. You can see we have Florida, new York City. They come in every state and they come in lots of large cities but also now they're doing things like love or mistletoe or Hanukkah, grandma's they're beautifully scented and it shows, you know, you may not have enough time to get something personalized. But if I know you're from a certain state or love a big city, when you give that gift to somebody, you're saying, I remember you, and that's why it's like an elevated basic. Slightly personalized. I can see these behind. I'm really excited. Next one up, I know, winter accessories, beanies are always a really big and great thing to give. What we loved about these from American eagle is that they're not only really trendy and you can see we have one with the pom. I'm going to show you these first. These beanies are just really basic and minimal. They're thick, woolly, they feel sort of like hipster but it's not just a style segment. Like you can also have some fun, right? Look at these. Do you want to hold that one? The reindeer. If you're shopping for a teen or a tween or even for an adult -- I would totally wear these. These start around $15 and up so check out American eagle for those. Then the final box here. I'm going to pull it up. So slippers. These, we did a roundup at "Good housekeeping" and these tested really well because they're a great value. These are available on Amazon. Feel these. They're $15. Oh, wow. If you ordered them today you can get them. Like a mattress under your foot. So we loved that. Reviewers loved those and again they're around $15 so everything is really affordable. But I have one more thing for This is an important tradition in our family. Mine too. Matching family jammies. Look at this adorable family. We love that they're in old Navy jammies. They have something for everybody. They start around $12. Really affordable and whether you're buying for your own family, another family or just individually, you can find it in every available size, style. This is just the Buffalo plaid. They have other patterns so you definitely want to check those out. You can never have too many pjs. Exactly. Nobody wants to do laundry. Look how cute this family is. A great Christmas morning photo. Thank you very much. The peck family. And thank you so much, Lori, for

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Good Housekeeping’s Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares her holiday gift ideas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67733769","title":"Basic, must-have gifts for under $30","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/basic-gifts-30-67733769"}