What to buy and what to wait on

ABC's Becky Worley has the scoop on the electronics, jewelry and toys to buy now, or wait for a better deal later.
3:35 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for What to buy and what to wait on
holiday sales game S Black Friday will look a little different this year for obvious reason but one timeless question remains, should you buy now or wait until later? Becky Worley, our ace, has the lowdown on when to grab those deep discounts. Becky, good morning to you. Good morning, Dan. You love a game show. I do. When it comes to deal hunting, I know, this time of year, the questions go beyond what should I buy and where should I buy it. If you truly want the best price, a big factor is when to buy. So we'll play this little game. When I say buy now, I mean sometime between today and cyber Monday. Many deals are live as we speak or dropping like Wednesday night of this week. But wait means closer to Christmas or in some cases if you can wait until after the holidays. So I'm going to start us off, our first category is electronics, phones, TVs, headphones. Dan, I'll start with you. What do you think? Buy now or wait? Buy now, why not? Right. I mean because you're a spur of the moment, be in the moment now zen kind of guy. Buying now. I'm a zen capitalist. That's a zen capitalist. I think I need to put that on Twitter immediately. That is correct. Thursday, Thanksgiving day we typically see the lowest prices on iPhones, iPads, headphones. An example, we know Walmart will have the beats solo 3 headphones for $119 bucks, $60 off. On Black Friday prices are lowest on TVs, android phones, cameras. I see the galaxy phones unlocked are $200 off at Best Buy. Let's move to cyber Monday. Rock bottom prices on laptops. We don't see those deals announced till Sunday but could see chromebooks for as little as $99. Our game show ues, gang. Next category, jewelry. A sentimental gift. So, Eva, I'm picking on you. Buy now or wait? I'm going to say wait. You are correct. That is right. We're all 2 for 2 here. Cyclical purchases. You guys are too good. It's like you read the script. This is one of those cyclical purchases. People want it around the holidays, so prices go up. The cheapest time to buy is between March and July after Valentine's day, Duh. But, guys, if you need it, you need it. So staying out of the doghouse is priceless. Discounts be damned. Macy's has some Black Friday deals starting now through the 28th. Earrings, best-seller, simple elegance, 75% off at Macy's now 50 bucks. So next up, toys. When she said that doghouse thing, I was like she really knows me. Yeah, that's right. You spend a lot of time there. Don't give it away. Your wife may be watching. That's right. Toys, whit, you're up, Daddio. Buy now or wait? I'm saying buy because I have no choice. I gotta get them and I gotta get them now. You guys are amazing. I'm going to give that a yes. Even though it's kind of 50/50. Toys are typically cheaper right before Christmas, but there are often very specific requests if you know what I mean. I do. With the delays and scarcity, I say buy now unless you must get rock bottom prices. They can be cheaper around Christmas. And one tip, don't be waiting on those new gaming consoles like the Xbox series X and the ps5. Those things are brand-new. We are not seeing any discounts and I'm worried about scarcity. These could be the cabbage patch dolls of this 2020 season. So get them now, gang. You guys did very well. Thank you, Becky. Thank you. Really appreciate it. Great job. See you later.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"ABC's Becky Worley has the scoop on the electronics, jewelry and toys to buy now, or wait for a better deal later.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74333530","title":"What to buy and what to wait on","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/buy-wait-74333530"}