Deals under $20 for summer all from small businesses

Tory Johnson brings us amazing savings from small businesses with philanthropic chocolate bars, self-care products and more!
4:11 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Deals under $20 for summer all from small businesses
Now to "Deals & steals." We are saving big this morning with goodies all 20 bucks and other. All from small businesses. Tory Johnson is here with the can't miss deals. You can get them all by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr code at the bottom of the screen. Right down there. Tory, welcome. So excited for all of these. This first deal is not only delicious but also philanthropic. Perfect. Tell us about this. That's right, janai. This saves lives. That's both the name as well as the mission. This is a company that gives back in a big way. For every purchase, they send life saving food to children who are at risk of dying of severe malnutrition. They have shipped more than 28 million packets of that special formulated food. You can add to that with your purchase today of their top selling most popular bars. For adults their number one dark chocolate sea salt, also the caramel hazelnut. We have their kids options for the first time too. They all have a full serving of fruits and vegetabs. They have flavors and varieties like s'mores and chocolate crunch. With our deal you'll pay just $7 to $12 per bundle. All with a serving of fruits and vegetables, they're all healthy. Tori, how about these sensational socks. I see these little footies here for when you're wearing heels. I might put them on now. This company is called chic. They specifically design socks to pair with different types of shoes. You purchase them on the type of shoe you like to wear. There's a sock what is a wearable, washable cushion that protects the ball of your foot to reduce pain when wearing heels. There are types for ballet slippers, for slip-on shoes, active. You name it, all of them are designed to be no-show and nonslip. Our price starts at $4.50. Then, janai, we're moving on to some bath time. June and noon add a whimsical element to your bath. They have sugar cubes plus their bath fizz. They come in a bottle so you can pour as little or as much as you want. To create the bath of your choice. The scents are amazing. Cob nut, lavender, watermelon. They start at $3.50. Then we're moving onto paradox. This is hair care. It's a plastic free company. Those are aluminum based bottles. Everything is vegan, cruelty free. We have three collections. Volume, repair and moisture. They're all infused with Irish extract. That's one of their kind of secret sauces there. We've got a huge assortment to choose from, all 50% off. Starts at $11. Then deal number five is heading outdoors to the grill. This company grill light will add extra light if you're grilling in the evening because there's an led flashlight built in. They have great grill claws that are great for pulling pork, shredding chicken. There's a really cool grilling mat that will instantly turn a grill into a griddle with the mat. All of these are smart functional, 50% off, they start we're ending with a little more light. This company is called Lotta light. They're teeny little lights that are great for all kinds of activities. Easy to clip on anywhere to a key chain or inside of a bag. They have a 60-second timer to turn off. So many different styles and patterns, more than 20 to choose from. They're great to keep handy. They start today at $8. Janai, those are your eclectic "Deals & steals" this morning. These are incredible. I'm so glad I got my nails done, because I can now be a hand model. Thank you so much. We partnered with all these companies. Get them on our website Coming up, cue the screaming

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Tory Johnson brings us amazing savings from small businesses with philanthropic chocolate bars, self-care products and more!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78239090","title":"Deals under $20 for summer all from small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-20-summer-small-businesses-78239090"}