Deals & Steals on cold weather solutions

Tory Johnson shares items to keep readers' toes warm and toasty, lips protected from low temperatures and bodies warm and bundled up this winter.
4:16 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Deals & Steals on cold weather solutions
We want to turn to "Deals & steals," Tory Johnson making sure that we stay cozy and warm in wintertime with sensational savings on cold weather solutions and here's the best part. They are all from small businesses. And you can get all these deals by pointing your cell phone to the camera there or the screen, the qr code at the bottom of your television screen that will Tory, good morning to you. Walk us through it here. These look comfortable. Good morning, whit. Yes, they are. We're starting with jambu, their women's slip-on moc approved by podiatrists for their foot support. They have plush memory foam insole for all day comfort, plus a traction sole for sturdy support, five different colors, what more could you ask for besides 50% off? Today they're $42.50. Perfect. Next up a lot of people, myself included, you get chapped lips in the wintertime. What do we have going on here? Yes, so this could also be great for rob if he's out there kissing snowmen and whatever he's doing out in that cold. Bye-bye, dry, flaky lips and the winter weather disaster that happens to our lips. This is Henne organics. All their products are made in America. Teeny products that pack a big punch because they really deliver terrific results. We've got everything from them from their lip serums to their masks, exfoliators. They have a really phenomenal lip balm, as well as a lip tint. All of the products are so see what works for whatever your conditions are. You will not be disappointed with this investment. They're all 50% off today starting at $9.50. All right. I'm walking over to this next table. A lot of different options to keep warm here. Yes, this is rising tide. And what makes their products special are the skillful weaving and knitting partners they use to make all of these products. So we've got a big range of scarves, hats, mittens, headbands, delightful range of colors and patterns, just a big assortment to choose from. So these deliver style, comfort and warmth. All three at 50% off. These pieces start today at $10. I feel like Bernie Sanders would enjoy these mittens here as well. What do you think? Definitely. Right in line with that. Okay, talk to me about technology over here at this next table. This is called phoozy and this is a protector for your phone or an iPad from extreme temperatures. So that means freezing or high heat. It is using nasa technology in order to prevent those kind of battery disasters that happen with extreme weather. So this is a great option now, but it's also going to be just as effective for you in the summer. We also have their disinfecting wipes which are biodegradable and perfect to keep your devices clean and germ-free. Everything is 50% off. A variety of colors and sizes that start at $7.50. The next one we've been talking a lot about this morning, a fireplace on the go. So this is a personal fireplace fueled by isopropyl alcohol. Easy to use for indoors or outdoors to bring a little cozy warmth, especially the coziness part wherever you want it in any room. It's a pretty delightful piece. It works very easily. It's made in Tennessee. I love this company. It's a terrific product. Today 50% off, $47.50. And then, whit, we're ending on a really, really comfy note. These are slippers from floopi. We love this company. It's got faux fur collar. Triple foam padding. It's a flexible design. So it's great for indoors but then if you've got to run out and walk the dog or check the mail or say hi to the neighbor it will be okay for that as well. There is a big variety of patterns and colors for this. You can't go wrong with these slippers. Especially today when they're 50% off. So the whole assortment ranges from $12.50 to $17 and as you said, every one is a small business. Exactly. Tory, thank you so much. We always appreciate it. Of course, we've partnered with all of these companies and all of these great deals, you can get them on our website, Guys, over to you.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Tory Johnson shares items to keep readers' toes warm and toasty, lips protected from low temperatures and bodies warm and bundled up this winter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76015126","title":"Deals & Steals on cold weather solutions","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-cold-weather-solutions-76015126"}