Deals and Steals: Must have items to help you go green!

Score big savings on everything from eco-friendly sunglasses to T-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, jewelry made with eco-conscious, recycled materials and more.
12:02 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Must have items to help you go green!
Get to deal and stick around everybody. And 29 deals ten new brands are joining us this morning thank you so much. So get your chocolates out you're gonna need them. He's gonna fill them up with fantastic giveaways here and we go everybody pats don't look like doesn't audience he didn't either Rooney tell that something they I don't know yeah it'll. Thirty day this is an awesome company that makes clothing out of re cycle bottles at passing week the bottles would wind up in a landfill or in the ocean instead they're mixed with hot nanny turn Anthony's super soft T shirt so kidding assortment to choose from not only 29 to 35 dollars to it is slashing happy starting short. Hit the man. I have. Where classes and I mean. And I. The army colonel sustainable bamboo well yeah and unions classes from bamboo. They're gorgeous they also for every parent that they south. They say support somebody with an eye exams and prescription glasses and need this companies helped more than 101000 people today making lightweight gorgeous classes and making really good things for the beauty a site normally 120 dollars a slashing at sixty dollars. Free shipping from. A woman no shoes flip flops there all beside who have pulled their meat on the strictest environmental standards and the super comfortable not only thirty to 35 dollars a slash and these are addicts yeah. I. Mayor Giuliani made from the cycle materials. They care deeply that every piece benefits humanity and inspires us and also is good for the planet so normally sixteen yeah. Okay dollars and duty on. Awesome brand new rap yeah. This is poplar way it's sustainable lighting inside and one needs to help candidates lining so everything and I can't get it environmentally friendly they didn't like it right in this story isn't all the colors are great they're neutral. There's five different colors that you can choose round. I love these sound idea that deal irony is normally 78 dollars today slashed by fifty. Sent 36 dollars yeah that would give away thrown ought if you're about to get those pro tobacco. Okay. You. OK so first up sold Bard so this is. Super awesome it is big boom box it is eight solar powered boom bottom Manningham as. Chargers built in seed got your charges on the night hears you get your music in your devices. And one of the cool things about it is this solar panel works in all spectrums of light so even if it's a cloudy game. You're going to be able to listen to your music. Don't want our son two hours and use it full charge eighty hours of music this is awesome what. Normally hundred dollars this is a CY slashing fifty. And I are. Okay. As OK so this is what and a clean planes to enjoy it does are all you do is you take whatever your favorite fresh fruit as you chopped up into chunks pop in the freezer and an all you do it's stick it right inherits that and that's. Well. Neat little strawberry banana concoction here we didn't you can clean but that you're and that is eighty is literally the easiest way to enjoy the most delicious taste of decadence you think that you're eating some garbage I think it's just wow RA. They wanted a I didn't look like. You really need yeah. The new car you forty dollars last you have to whining about it. Yeah okay. Special is the coating on the inside this nonstick coating that is a nontoxic it's not on the chemical's senior when he gets to use less soil you don't have to do that because you gotten on steak and you also don't have to worry about. Chemicals and their chemicals and those nonstick surfaces nine needs me that two different sizes two different options let this is going to be the panic that you don't live cooking in its meanwhile while BO so normally. Sat Indy 250 dollars today are slashing happy thirty fact and to Wear and increase their pay. Okay. Okay. Kelly personal concept to swap your disposable one time use plat also aren't available on options that they've got all kinds of amazing not different types depending on what you're drinking then what coolest things that they make is this it's its top that you can turn any cup into a sticky cup so you don't have to worry about not disposable cups they've got to go cups coffee cups. A huge assortment can be isn't like tanks for the cook there. Yeah that maybe and you were originally they did yeah. Not only six to ninety dollars to be not classes they. Cynthia. Critics kicks in so this is called get it right and there's two different sizes of matzo look at this house but I'm starting its and that. Better to be one that's a little emergency you're gonna get both of them. So you can put that in the microwave to go. If you wanna be able to pulls and passes you can use it as a pot holder. You can use this I think instead of aluminum foil if you're cooking something up to dive 150 degrees you can use it to covering our leftovers when you put them in the refrigerator instead of using plastic wraps that ArcelorMittal. Uses it just this one piece but you're gonna get the two sexist views and is it true it hit so many options it's a really Smart guy because it eliminates the need for so many extra things in your kitchen normally this that is 38 dollars today it's slashing half nineteenth I. And clean off any surface with only only water. So whether it's the counter top or the car it's gonna collect all the dust and grime. It's it's of it that it awaited the material is designed is to pick up anything again no chemicals needed we also have sponges Damon's steal because a lot of options from this company normally it then everything has sold its act normally try to cut to forty dollars not what the day starts at twelve busiest city in the 50%. And Robin. Okay. I'm so what is missing is a paper towel alternatives so it is old absorbent so little tiny being pulled a lot of what I think we don't want admitted that yes this way you could bring that he's ready it's not Clinton. This program. Now that's a small yeah. See you get to give you can shoot from outside and got through the cool designs have cooled nine ultra absorbent. They're also they will and decompose if you put them into accomplice will decompose the last of his six month you. So ultra running game and it's that we mean when you really how many paper towels you know it's very Enid to decide to switch to this alternative normally twelve to eighteen dollars that Manning act this set thinking today got married and payment yeah you need not absolutely. Not so these are five pretty got tonight purse and my would you like to. House for for the school want to avoid any kind of extra guy is an allergy and so this pretty eat doughnuts snakes to a couple of different things that there's laundry detergent that comes either in liquid form warned you of the Arab buries any means there is the show all of those berries had the detergent didn't seem possible few very instant this right you put that you only need to put it in this C you don't lose them in the laundry as they're reusable. And no dye is no allergens are people who have sensitive skin this is that Lisbon and and then the drop of all of this is a chemical free alternative to dryer sheets. So when you poppies into the dryer. You're close are going to be flock here they're gonna do better and no center which is it intentional. I'm. 101009. Cents a outfits the Enron it's not it's yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I'm Sam yeah. Not only absorb her stuff that's the one for stinky she. We got them for climbed it's bad friends who are. Any advice you that's what I grew up. You gotta keep that Hideki ever seen but so what's awesome is that they last up to two years and instead want that. Asking me odor they take a weighty voter which is what we want. Normally ten to twenty dollars depending on the size and say to data slashed in half to ten dollars. Okay. Let's pray that this is this won't remove fingerprints streaks any kind of marks on some of the services that you'll find in your kitchen so stainless steel granite glass. What politics to be affected area. About maybe that. On May directly or any other so they found itself what's great also is that it is completely plane. Based and it is made in America than there are no chemicals that you have to worry about spring. Okay. I say it classy. And ten months. Yeah. This is on the eyebrow afraid rings this isn't Aaron fabric freshener it's also it's a husband wife team it is made America and it is also a 100% plan B it's. And so what's great about this is that if you want a little gentle sand on. Furniture or got a knock. Curtains and Millard who were not any opponent took this is going to be great for that it again plant based you don't have to worry about things seminars. Normally twelve dollars let me close at six. OK yeah. It. Yeah global so this is our water wine your choice you can make some odd I don't know if everything I'm eyewitness silicone sleeve which is awesome and they also make why now so people who like to. Drink their beverages to deal to get ice cube there for a ice is everything from like factory orbital. I'm really awesome products and normally ten to forty dollars if you pick singles are sex today they're slash F. Twenty dollars the please vastly. And these great deals you can go and get some some more information go to our website find out more but think can't toward public repertory and. Okay. Went up ranges clean can't keep that it has the benefit dollar viewer winner by audience who's going home lock up.

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{"duration":"12:02","description":"Score big savings on everything from eco-friendly sunglasses to T-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, jewelry made with eco-conscious, recycled materials and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63829123","title":"Deals and Steals: Must have items to help you go green!","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-items-green-63829123"}