'GMA' Deals and Steals to beat the heat

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for "GMA" viewers on products for your home and the outdoors.
11:18 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals to beat the heat
It is time now for sizzling summer "Deals & steals" that are, you heard it, hot, hot, hot and helping small businesses at the same time. We have a dozen deals this morning. Tory Johnson is kicking it off from her -- is that your good morning, Tory. It is. I'm sure not everybody is as lucky as me to have a patio in her living room but, robin, anything is possible on "Gma" and let's start with bringing a little bit of joy to the kitchen with a company called copper chef. This is the ultimate multitasker. This is a cooker that can roast, bake, slow cook, do so many different things, one of the best parts about this pan is that it will heat evenly, edge to edge, dishwasher safe, no mess, nonstick. It is a great option, plus we've got lots of grilling pans and everything from this company for us today is 50% off so it'll be $25 to $50 and free shipping, which we love. Then upgrade your beverage options at home. Everyone is trying different things and tee suppress have makes everything from Phoenix, women owned company with two amazing options. You can brew their tea just like you would brew coffee. Their tea shots are potent like espresso. They have amazing tea options then they also make a great product called a lux sugar cube which is a way to make instantly flavored drinks, everything from lattes, iced tea, mocktail, cocktails, economy most ma haves, very inventive to give a little fun to your beverage options and created great set, 00% off and start at $23. All right. And you know this next deal is so perfect for a morning show, Tory. Back in the studio, I believe they have some incredible mugs, they have funny inspirational sayings like be a good human. There it is and the friend you don't put on speakerphone. They are from a great company. It's called mantra mugs and before Tory reveals the savings, we have the owner joining us live, Katrina Johnson. Good to see you. Hi, good morning. So tell us, tell us how you came up with the idea for the mantra Well, I came up with mantra mugs as a way for people to say anything and be able to send surprise gifts to their friends and family that were fun, exciting and things that were personalized similar to what you just said, my favorite mug is the friend you don't put on speakerphone. It's discuss a fun and exciting way to surprise someone with something very personal that they don't want to throw away they can start their day with. And this is when you are going through your journey with breast cancer? Yeah, so in 2017 and also in 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I actually had to stop and start the business twice and so I would guess to say that mantra mugs was kind of reborn out of that and through that I started coming up with all these inspirational sayings similar to this one right here, vibrate higher but I'll tell you that my customers are actually the ones that that come up with the best mantras. Oh, as always, well, so proud of you and just want to say you are not a survivor, you are a thriver. You are thriving and thank you. So that's a great inspirational story and great deal as well, Really good deal, robin, I'm buying you the one that says boss lady but I think maybe queen as well, 50% off so I can afford to get you two. They're $11.25 today, another great product that will eliminate wrinkles in seconds from Tom & Sheri's that releases wrinkles, spray, shake, and smooth and all the wrinkles will disappear from cotton, linen. This is a smart product to have with you anywhere you go. Everyone in the house can have a bottle because it's a four-piece bottle set. 50% off today, $25. And then we all love a comfy night's sleep and bringing you great options from snugglepedic, all three made in America. We've got their gel infused plush foam mattress. It is designed for great support. We have the mattress in all sizes and for a cooler night's sleep we've got memory foam toppers if you want to upgrade your current mattress and brand-new gel-infused eye mask. Great for a better night sleep. All of the options from this company are 50% to 60% off so they range from $25 all the way to a thousand dollars for the largest mattress and free shipping fromsnugglepedic. Along with that comfy night's sleep is a cooler night sleep with slumbercloud. Their temperature regulating sheets that will keep you cool and comfortable, no more tugging and pulling to kind of get the right temperature. We've got sheet sets in four color, comforters, a cooling pillow which is pretty awesome, pillow covers, everything from slumbercloud, robin, 50% off which means prices today start at $34.50. All right. Tory, I know you have much more ahead but you can get all the links for these deals on our website and, Tory, she's got more "Deals & steals" coming up in our next half hour. So come on back. Announcer: Friday, power your way into your summer weekend with Ellie Goulden. Power Announcer: Friday, summer is heating up with "Good morning America's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. Power Announcer: Hey, America, you want more Tory? Well, you've got it because tomorrow on "Gma," it's Tory time. With summer fun "Deals & steals" so amazing, they may be the only thing to beat the heat. You just can't beat them. Announcer: Tomorrow on "Gma." Good morning. 8:27 on this Wednesday, July 15th. I'm Michelle Charlesworth. We're following a developing story in Brooklyn where one person was killed, five others were hurt in a shooting. This was just after 2:00 this morning when police say as many as three gun men opened fire on a group of people on president's street in crown heights. We heard from police within the last hour who say the shooting appears to be gang related. The NYPD says between 60 and 70% of the recent shootings across the city have some kind of gang connection. Let's go to Sam champion and check out the weather. 73 degrees, not too shabby. Not too bad. 72 to 74 across the five boroughs right now. 73 in central park. 70 toward Long Island there is a mixture of sun and clouds through a good part of the day today. Watching for a pop up shower or you can see one in suffolk county. 80 degrees by 2:00 P.M.. We'll get to 83 for a high temperature today. Inland areas will get warmer. Eastern coastal areas, slightly cooler. 79 with more clouds during the day tomorrow. More humidity for the weekend. Heather, what do you see? An overturned vehicle on the southbound side near the union tolls. You can see right over here, that is where the overturned vehicle is. Another shot down here, so lots of delays as you go on the southbound side. Then, if you're going to the throgs neck bridge, we had the crash in queens cleared away and then we have the cross bronx east of the Deegan, an accident still clearing. Heavy delays back across the George Washington bridge. Street cleaning rules are suspended. Michelle, back to you. Thank you so (upbeat rock music with bright vocals) (Bell Dings) (Cash register ringing) (Upbeat rock music with bright vocals) (Pleasant hip hop music with dramatic horn accents) Let's check in with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest to see what is coming up on live. Good morning. Good morning, Kelly, it is so nice to see you. I'm looking forward to having the show with you and Dakota fanning. And Dr. Jen Ashton is here with a covid-19 update. Also, we're looking at a good news story of the day. So in between now and then, we'll have one for you when we see you on live. Back to you. Always giving us big smiles and making us think. Love it. Stick around with live with Kelly and Ryan in a half hour. In the meantime, more of gma is next. Hi, I'm Alison, in Phoenix, Arizona. Your purchase helps support all 15 of our employees made right here in the usa. Look at that smile on Alison from teaspressa. More savings coming right now. Hey, Lara. Hey, George, how are you? We do have more small business "Deals & steals" that are hot, hot, hot for summer. Tory, take it away. Hey, Lara, so first up some swimwear from Janzen. They've been making suit force over 100 years. We've got a really nice assortment of classic silhouettes, figure flattering options, Solomons and vibrant patterns, we have tops, bottoms, one pieces and what's great, sizes 6 to 16 from this line, so if that's you you'll want to go everything today is slashed this half so it starts at $23 and from this company, free shipping which we love. Then to go with that swimsuit or, quite frankly, anything you are wearing if you are going outdoors, sunscreen is a must. This one from tizo. It was started by a plastic sturgisen to create safe, effective mineral sunscreen protection and what's really special about this is the elegant feel on your skin. So very often we skip putting sunscreen on our face because you don't like the sticky feel. You don't want that layered under your makeup. One of their best products is the tizo 3 and it is a sunscreen that also doubles as a primer under your makeup. It feels wonderful. All of their products are great for your lips, for your face. 50% off and start today at $5. Lara, you got the next one.

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