'GMA’ Deals and Steals celebrating 12 women-owned small businesses

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on a variety of products from some incredible businesses.
7:55 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for 'GMA’ Deals and Steals celebrating 12 women-owned small businesses
The best part of running my own business is my flexible schedule so I can still be a mom and a wife and not miss those precious moments. The best part about running my own business is getting create products that make a positive impact for other women. We appreciate that too. Now a special women's history month edition of "Deals & steals." Tory Johnson has rounded up some credit bargains from small businesses all owned by women and you can head directly to them by pointing your cell phone camera at that little qr code on your screen. And we say good morning, Tory. Let's get going here with something for the senses. Yes, this, robin is Michele designs. Beautiful packaging, exquisite artwork, everything is kind of inspired by the owner's love of gardening and art and you can see that in the products. Even better than the beauty of the products is how they perform. They're just terrific, bath and broad products in amazing fragrances and the prettiest up brel will you ever owned. Great fragrances, I might add and amazing prices, everything that you see ranges from $5 to $20. Oh, yeah, I love those umbrellas you were talking this next deal, whets our appetite. Do I say, Tory? This is an all natural plant-based pasta. It's all obviously made in America. Family recipe, passed through the generations. It cooks in less than five minutes. They carefully source all of their ingredients, the vegetables, herbs, seasonings, they have three sensational variety, roasted garlic and basil, garlic and parly. You'll get six bags for $18. Not bad at all. All right. Kids can be, well, also George and Michael, they can be picky when it comes to eating. This can help them, right? Yes, you can use this for them under the desk. It's the globe. A snack spinner. It is a simple and smart way to pack snacks for your kids for a couple of reasons. Each spinner holds five specific snacks so that's awesome and it just in one push of a button kids can choose the snack that they want so it's actually a great way to introduce new foods because they see it in their spinner and it's kind of fun to choose them. This is a smart one. Really smart invention and obviously eliminates single use plastic. Today is a good day to try it, slashed in half at $12.50. This next one is yummy. Good times, Tory. It is, good vibes only. This company is good caramel. It's all exquisitely hand made. All natural. Caramels from Montana and each piece is individually wrapped with a positive quote around it so you get good caramel, good caramel -- good karma in every single bite. Big variety. Vanilla, chocolate, sea salt. A couple of different packages starting at $12.50. I was listening but Michael wanted me to throw him some. I was listening. We're keeping with the food theme here. Tory. This company is gear get it right. Our viewers know and love them. We have new options from them. All of their silicone tools for the kitchen, they look great on the counter but perform even better and feel really good in your hand. There's spatulas, spoonulas. Their own specific twist. All are nonstick so not going to scratch your pans. Heat proof, dishwasher safe plus even more from them on the website. All slashed in half starting at $47.50. These are great deals and you know what, this last deal has become very, very popular. Hasn't it? Yes. Harvest good, mini embroidery kits. These are amazing to create your own pretty project. Designed in Arkansas. Everything is included, meticulous instructions whether you are a beginner or a seriously experienced stitcher, this is for you, today your choice, $16. $16. All right, Tory, thank you very much. You didn't even compliment me on the spiral I threw you. I was eating. That was fantastic. Can't wait to see what other deals are coming up. "Wandavision" and Paul bettany is going to join us. I should try one too. Good morning. It is 8:27 this Thursday, March 4th. I'm Ken Rosato. Topping our headlines at this hour, the first doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be given out today in New York City. Starting tonight, the state run site at Yankee stadium will run 24 hours a day using the increased supply from the new the javits center will expand to 24 hours tomorrow. The sites will use the state supply of the single dose vaccine while the city will use its supply to vaccinate home bound seniors. Happening today, plans are expected to be released for a cautious reopening in Connecticut. The plan will include guidelines for stores, restaurants, retail, and personal services. Governor Lamont says he will announce changes to the state's travel advisory. This comes after Lamont defended Connecticut's age based vaccine roll out citing the high vaccination rates. 8:27 is our time. Sam has your accuweather forecast. Good morning, Ken, good morning, everyone. We have a northwestern wind whipping down now. It will change a lot of things it she reason why we have clouds in part of the area right now and the reason why we'll have windchills later on today. As the winds pick up, the temperatures are okay as you step outside right now. Look at pocket of snow coming out of central New York state. That is all wind driven so it gets into the northern parts of our area, liberty to rockland, all up north. Southern areas won't have the problem but we'll all see the winds pick up and windchills develop later on this afternoon and that are colder for the temperature. Headed for a cold and windy weekend. We have an accident and delays behind fdr. Rfk triborough bridge into queens, you'll find the delay going into the span because of the crash still in the process of clearing much the L.I.E. West, exit 33, that is a crash on the shoulder. Street cleaning rules are in effect. Back to you. Thank you 8:29.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on a variety of products from some incredible businesses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76246695","title":"'GMA’ Deals and Steals celebrating 12 women-owned small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-celebrating-12-women-owned-small-76246695"}