‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on fall kitchen favorites

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items that will make your life easier in the kitchen.
4:07 | 10/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on fall kitchen favorites
Now to "Deals & steals." Fall kitchen favorites making your life easier with so many people now cooking at home these days, Tory Johnson whipped up some great deals you can get by pointing your cell phone camera at that qr code on your screen. Tory is with us now. Hey, Tory. Hi, Amy. You got a lot of good stuff in front of you there, don't We'll start with green pans. Tell us what these are. So this is healthy nonstick ceramic cookware. I say healthy because there are some nonstick cookwares that when they heat up they release toxins, this line from green pan does not. There's so many different sizes and options to choose from so whether you need to upgrade and it's a sensible upgrade a frying pan, saute pan, even a stock pot they've got you covered and so do we because everything is 50% off. So singles start at $27. And I should say we've got a really big set from them too. It's a great one. Awesome. So much to cook with. Speaking of cooking sometimes we struggle with getting a little creative in the kitchen. We have help on the way with these products. We do, Amy, I woke up extra early in my kitchen here to try to bake you some emoji pancakes. I can tell you that emojis just guarantee good moods and there's so many good options from boon supply. Muffin tin, gingerbread pans, anything you need for baking plus all kinds of bowls and good prices from this company. All slashed in half. Fun guaranteed at $7.50. I love that pancake pan. So cool. Now knives that we're chopping and cooking from Jean patrique. Did I say that right? You said it perfectly. And a sharp knife when used properly in the kitchen makes everything easier. It makes all of your kitchen prep just that more effective and we've got all kinds of options, not just the sets that you see there but singles on the website so whether you're chopping, carving, cutting, we have you covered. Everything slashed in half. The set starts at $37.50. Kitchen hacks with these gadgets. Tell us about these. Very colorful. They are colorful from talisman designs but more than colorful they are functional so one of their best-sellers is a pie shield that protects the crust so it doesn't burn when baking and also have a bake in bin that is the easiest way to dispose of the grease that's probably their hero best-selling product and brand-new food pun line so there are some fun food puns there and spatulas, coaster, oven Mitts, all kinds of stuff that is functional, going to serve a purpose and you'll be glad you bought it. All today slashed in half, it starts at $4.00. Doughnut ever give up. I like this one. Pretty funny. And we've got a bright idea with the USB lighter company. I was trying to play with. Pretty cool. Use technology. It's not a flame, tell us about this. That's right. There's no butane and it is not disposable. This is a rechargeable lighter. You charge it as easily as you charge a mobile phone which is brilliant and it's great for candles. You'll never struggle to light all the birthday candles at once before the match burns out and won't pollute the environment with a butane lighter. We have all their brand-new styles and colors slashed in half. They start at $15 and then, Amy, I'm excited for this last one. This is from gelpro. It is a two-rug set. You get a runner and an accent rug and the coolest part of this is that there's this jelly gripper on the bottom so wherever you place it down it's not going to move and that's what is awesome plus it's machine washable. Fees like chenille but it's a no fuss great option for hallway, bathroom, kitchen, you name it. Slashed in half it's $50. I saw someone put that in the washing machine. I love it. Thank you, Tory. We have partnered with all of these companies on these great you can get them by heading directly to our website.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on items that will make your life easier in the kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73626337","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on fall kitchen favorites","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-fall-kitchen-favorites-73626337"}