‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on helpful accessories for fall

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on a variety of items to help you out this season.
4:52 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on helpful accessories for fall
this Wednesday morning and, Amy, if you can believe it, fall is less than a week away. I can feel it in the air already and "Deals & steals" is helping us get season, right, Lara? Hi, you guys. Yes, very excited. When we think of fall pumpkin lattes but a lot of products that can help us get ready for the new season. Tory Johnson is with us now with some incredible fall finds. Hi, tor. Hey, Lara. So first up we're starting with a skin care favorite. This is elemis and all of the products are clinically proven to deliver very specific results depending on what your skin concerns are, but I have to give a shoutout to the hero product, it is their pro collagen marine cream. The company says that worldwide they sell one of these every 20 seconds. It has been their best-seller for ten years and it feels pretty fabulous because it's ultra moisturizing. Makes your skin feel fabulous. It's an anti-wrinkle formula and I can't say enough about it. Plus, it's 50% off. All of the products from them today are $20 to $115 and from this company, free shipping. Nicely done, Tory. I'll get to the next product. Dr. Segals compression socks. I'll do a demo as I know you like. I'm sporting these fabulous striped ones. You got lots of different colors and they're really, really nice and tight and comfortable. Tell us what the deal is. That's the idea of them. Designed by a physician to kind of combat the sometimes clinical looking compression socks, instead these are stylish and they do the job. They help with tired, fatigued feet. They also help to prevent blood clots and varicose veins and have an option specifically for diabetics so you'll go online and see them all. All 50% off and start at $6.50. Nicely done, Tory. Your next product is -- I think you told me this is one of the best-sellers ever. Poo-pourri. Not only -- So everybody knows it. It's awesome. We have a huge selection but we also have their brand-new hand sanitizer and it is terrific. It is moisturizing, it is not it's great to also keep in the car or at the front door if people come in. This is the product that you want to spritz, especially because it just feels good so you actually want to use it, which I love. We've got all kinds of sets, 50% off and they start at $11. And then, Lara, another essential that I think we can't get enough of because we're always losing them in this house is from limitless innovations. There's a variety of chargers and both of the ones that I'm highlighting have all kinds of multiports. So there's one that will charge seven devices at once. It's great for the kitchen counter, it's great to have on the go so whether home or on the go, no more fighting for the charger. There's a wireless option. There's so many different things, this is -- these are great ones to have and also all starting a minimum of 50% off so $20 to $35. Nicely done, Tory. These are very cool phone accessories, I've never seen this one with the ring on it but I love it. It's so smart. It's the easiest way to carry your phone and it's also multifunctional so you can use it as a tabletop stand. You can use wit a car mount in the car. There's so many different ways and they also have options that will hold credit cards and I.D.S and fit on any phone which is another great benefit. You don't have to worry about phone size for these to fit. We have singles and sets all 50% off, they start at $5. And then, Lara, the last one is maybe the most fun one. "Gma" viewers loofe this company for their reusable products. Vase, luminaries, a dog -- I hope you have added some water to be able to do -- I'm showing a luminary right now. I have a candle in there. I also have the vase out. Plowers from my garden. Gorgeous. Good idea. The best is that it's flameless so it's safe. You don't have to worry about the wind, you don't have to worry about kids. These products are gorgeous and they are all 50% off. So $4 to $7.00. And riva is enjoying the dog bowl from modgy. We love all of these deals. Guys, you can find these deals on our website. You can also get them by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr code on your screen and we'll have more fall finds tomorrow. So stay with us.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on a variety of items to help you out this season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73043043","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on helpful accessories for fall","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-helpful-accessories-fall-73043043"}