'GMA' Deals and Steals mega-event continues: More must-have exclusive deals

The annual mega-Deals and Steals event continues with more exclusive discounts - which start at $3.25 and are all at least 50 percent off.
5:37 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals mega-event continues: More must-have exclusive deals
That's the smaller right England Danielle French collar because these are best friends and you got your best friend don't do so I braced for you all call for your pet dogs or cats huge assortment to choose front. Normally it's when he got to 35 dollars but these are slashed in half. Fifty to seventy did you guys are normal and amazing yeah. Down except I would order president. Yeah. He got it doesn't matter to me exactly okay Cindy you might do in the I love this company because these maps are also wraps off a new contract to place that you Vincent workplace that you want to go to unite all seats global plastic not even meeting bucket list posters that are fabulous it's the best we have come easily possible inspiration. These range from thirty to 56 dollars the packaging is incredible to. Today fifteen to twenty yeah. Free shipping from this company these are patently anti war disease are gorgeous what is. It may of the previous GIs Cindy wonderful thing and I think apple pumpkin cherry yes jail did. I mean sharing blueberry. You're gonna get twelve different time individually packaged so that when his sweet tooth. Comes or when this special guests come over you're ready all natural fresh fruit normally sixty dollars. News flash that thirty dollars for twelve of them their effort to about how many are here. Behind and I am blogger by weight behind the camera love me you'll have begun so far Brett. We're. To know we're halfway yeah. Robert Wood door Johnson Robb and what's up next for the time and you might have been handed to me like a life outside our teammate removed Victoria's that if mark. GMA producers who theory. This is that they are. What are working how our working near the show this is art gets active Wear tops and bottoms Barry stylish and comfortable about what I love about this company is that it is highs inclusive so they've got a big assortment from small to react and phenomenal prices normally twenty at the 43 dollars and he's he's dropped plastic capsule. Twelve out. And your acting. Eight miles back yeah. Producer Brandon here yeah. We Brad. I get sick yeah blue arm designed the woman on company how. We're I very like yeah TSA compliant per carry on this beautiful fabric we got a variety of colors and patterns. Yeah I really phenomenal in his roomy. It'll take you on the weekend normally 108 dollars this month slashed by 60%. 39 dollar and are gone into the backfield in the how we are not. Lowe's also give back these are blades you get back to this company. On has donated over 20000. Pillows to create memories and children. And hospitals and animal shelter so people in pets are what they care about most. I got a little flashback Friday apparently. Through one what is little baby Kim but it will. I don't know I can't even I'm absolutely Arab maybe you upload a photo and artisans in Chicago will create a masterpiece for you. These are really really beautiful pillows so they're not only sixty dollars but today slash Knapp thirty and free shipping yeah. Hello you already under recommend now I'm looking leads and Olivia aren't they beautiful island of yeah. And Kelly wants out I don't want we've seen oblivious of these only beautiful love the blank kids and also travel pillows this fall. Any time cozy time and what I love also about this company Robin hasn't been really great she did. To donate blankets to children in Foster care Arnold every child should have a blanket every child so these range from twenty got to 35 dollars but they're also slashed in half kiss is not include 08 campaign isn't. 1215 to 1750 for your choice of lots wonderful lots of options this. And I love how we are you are finding these companies were doing more than just their product and actually giving the Eagles a lot of good stuff that you a lot of it's got out and I don't Smart already yeah. We crunch that's good they are eating so this is the perfect blend of credits smoky and just the right Downey he smells aided by a woman who just loved her hot sauce and wanted to be. Have something that was plenty to put me thinking so eggs pizza pasta burgers salads you name it Chile crunch works for its. You get their island right then given it a thumbs up I'm not gonna make them talk but not so we've got to not import tax depending on which ever you are. These are currently 26 to 52 dollars but slash you have to start thirteen dollars just in Chile you like hot thought that its board yeah I'm what do you think the two. Nothing yeah. Well that's. I didn't sell part of front this another of his that I husband and wife team Aniston at the conscious that the team bad but it's Waugh although it's your exit being sticking brothel for US goods sitting on three different flavors chicken beef and vegetables you're gonna get it when he packed normally 35 dollars a slash at 1756. Pack. Music just like you would see just like I'm all right come of that didn't make sure have a good worker can't right now Brad what's account. Landing yeah. Hunt and coming back mega deal until Torre Johnson bringing us why do you deal with on the 28. We finally made it back to that were racing to get all these deals done before the end of the show can we do yes we all right.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"The annual mega-Deals and Steals event continues with more exclusive discounts - which start at $3.25 and are all at least 50 percent off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58146342","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals mega-event continues: More must-have exclusive deals","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-mega-event-continues-exclusive-deals-58146342"}