‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on summer beauty and skincare

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers.
6:07 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on summer beauty and skincare
something big I feel it Time for "Deals & steals" and dedicating this morning to summer beauty. Tory Johnson joining us with incredible products to help you with self-care. Lara is helping her out. Hey you two. Hi, you guy. Good morning, you guys. I'm so ready for spa day. Tory, thank you for volunteering me. Always happy to help when it comes to beautification products. You always have the best ones. I have some of them here to demonstrate as we go. Tory, what is the first one you want to share with everybody? First up, sio beauty. This is a little patch action, if you will. These are medical grade silicone patches that are designed primarily to use overnight but if you've got an event coming up and only have two hours to get ready, that's okay too. They work overnight to smooth, hydrate, firm the skin, all designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and what's great about this company is that they make them for so many different areas offocus, so whether it's eye, lips, you and I were talking about neck, chest, hands even, an area that sometimes people forget. I have this one out. Looks like a ping-pong paddle, the chest one. I tried it. It's amazing. You don't get lines when playing down. It smooths it out. Reusable. I used it three nights in a row. I'm a giant fan. What's the deal? I'm hoping we can look like you and save 50%. They range from 10 to $25 per set and reusable is kiwi I love love. Then we go to eyewear. Some fun eyewear from I heart eyewear. The first pair I sent for you are makeup readers. So oftentimes obviously like it's difficult to wear your readers when you're applying eye makeup and so this one has the lens that flips from side to side. You choose your strength. Wait. Hold on. Let me do it? So you get precision -- are you going to do it? Yeah, I did it. I did it. I look like I have a monicle on but I love this. Unlike monicle, you don't look like it. If you need readers at moments throughout the day they're right there front and center. We have their computer readers so this is all about taking care of your eye, blue light blockers on computers are great. Good deal on these, they are 00% off. Choose your strength starting at $12.50. They are so cute. Hair care -- the readers are great. Colorists to many leading ladies and what is great about this line is that it targets very specific hair concerns. If you have color treated hair, if you need volume, hydration, there's a product for you. One of my favorites, one of their best-sellers I sent for you to try out is their sea salt scalp shampoo. We exfoliate every single part of your body but often ignore our scalp. When you use it you wind up -- just once a week even. You wind up having just gorgeous hair because you've gotten rid of all that gunk, that buildup of products and stuff. We also have really great color enhancing products. There's anti-frizz. There's so many different options. Lara, I know you're a hair product junkie. It's fun. Well, yeah, I was just rubbing -- I was just rubbing the scrub which feels like it should be sort of a facial scrub, it's got the salt crystals in it. I can imagine how great it must feel on your scalp. And it smells incredible. Now I just need to find a tissue but you continue, please. What's the deal? So everything is 00% off. It starts at $16 and for this hair care, free shipping which I love then, Cecilia, you know we got this next one here. So excited. The second we get off air I'm going to order all these products and, wait, there's another one that is important now because it Americans the spa experience with safety that we all need. Yeah, primal elements. We have their brand-new hand sanitizers, little mini bottles that come in sets. Carry them conveniently with you anywhere you go and this company has great glycerin soaps and loofah soaps which are great. All kinds of liquid hand soap, bath balms. Everything made in America. Huntington Beach, California plant. Small family owned business and all of the products in singles and sets 50% off so range from $3 to $13.50 then, Lara, moving on to one of your favorites, Perricone M.D. Can I just take over here? I'm taking over. Ry, thank you for sending the you know I have been a number one fan since you introduced me when you started doing "Deals & steals." This is for women of a certain age, the greatest products, go on the website. See what Tory is offering. If you feel like something is suiting your skin, try it. At these prices, it is so fantastic. Tory, you have turn immediate on to my new favorite skin care. Tell everybody the deal. Oh, that's good. Yes, so we've got all kinds of their best sellers including the cold plasma plus collection. Lots of good things depending on your skin concerns but if smoothing, firming and evening damaging skin is your thing, Perricone is for you 50% off starting at $17.50 and from Perricone free shipping. Then finally, night. We've got their new, brand-new zodiac silk eye masks so it's great because it's super soft, 100% mulberry silk that will block out the light for better restorative sleep and zodiacs, I sent you yours and, Cecilia, I'm buying you a capricorn. Thank. You $25 and free shipping. I need my sleep. Guy, go to our website. We love these deals.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71444795","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on summer beauty and skincare","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-summer-beauty-skincare-71444795"}