'GMA' Deals and Steals on summer travel must-haves

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 65 percent off everything from totes to sandals to cold packs.
4:31 | 06/14/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on summer travel must-haves
those big savings and we start out with something I've just recently purchased and have used and loved. I know. Fanny packs. Already a believer. So these are from my tagalong, waist bags, fanny packs, whichever you want to wear it. I run in it you can put your water bottle, key to get back in. Absolutely. These are all made of neoprene so the fabric is really soft and then the bands are elastic and adjustable so lots of versatility. Huge assortment on these and really fabulous price. So normally depending on the style you choose they range from 24 to 28 but these are slashed by up to 62%. Wow. 9 to $12. That's fantastic. Some in different colors. Exactly. Choose a few to go with your outfit, your mood. Whatever it is. Now we have these. This is great for the beach. For on the go. A little bling makes your heart sing. These are tote bags with four different phrases. I particularly love the one that our intern is wearing, truly blessed. She is. She is a student at tufts university, intern at "Good morning America." Modeling all of our stuff here this morning. These are fabulous and what I love too is they flat -- they will pack flat in a suitcase, when you're traveling and want to look good on your cruise or wherever it is you're going to these are fabulous. All four phrases terrific. Normally $68 slashed by 65%. 24 bucks for your tote. Wow. You know what, Tory, we want to give some good vibes to Wisconsin. A bag for your travel back home. There you go. Happy birthday. They are bringing good vibes here. These are all made in America. Actually Georgia to be specific. Ah. So we've got three different style, we have the strappy sandals and the flip-flops and then the embellished flip-flops with the little starfish. What's great all are designed with what they call their contoured comfort footbed. You can feel that. Nonslip on the bottom which is great. A lot of flip-flops aren't. These are fabulous. Huge assortment of colors. These are also great for travel too because they pack very small. Waterproof. Waterproof. Slip resistant. You got it all down here. Normally 30 to $53. These are all slashed in half so your choice 15 to $26.50. Fantastic. Okay. So great for the summertime, picnics. What I love, take a look. This is packit. Put your hand in there. Do you feel how cold it is. We popped this in the freezer overnight and the freezable gel is built inside the walls of this so there's no messy ice packs, there's no lost ice packs, it's all built right in so we have assortments for -- This is handy. Wine, can, bunch lunch bag, grocery bags and you'll never have to worry about missing -- These are great. These range from 15 to 35. All slashed in half, 7.50 do $17.50 for your choice of packits. Fantastic. Okay, so this is an insulated wine cooler so you put the chilled bottle already in here. It's double insulated. No condensation. This is a chilled wine bottle you put in here. Ah. So instead of using an ice bucket this is what will keep it cool and if you're outdoors it's also going to protect the glass so if you're outdoors, picnic, part, pool. You can pour it with the bottle still in it. Just like that and what's great is so it's got that protection and also I think like classes up a cheap wine if that's what you're putting in here. No one can see the label. No one can see the label. Normally $90 slashed in half, $45 for that. That's a great gift. Really good gift. I love that. All right. Poo-pourri. I have these in my house. Every bathroom, poo-pourri, spritz before you go, no one will ever know is their motto. We have the shoe spritz. All of them come in big bundles. Really fabulous sets. Cannot go wrong. Normally 50 to $55 but all these bundles are slashed more than half, 24 to $25 per bundle. I need the shoe spritz. For sneakers. That's their other. I have some teenagers in the house. They got you covered. Good news for everyone in our audience upstairs going home with a gift from poo-pourri and partnered with all these companies on these great deals. You can get those on our website. Coming up, John travolta.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 65 percent off everything from totes to sandals to cold packs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55889303","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on summer travel must-haves ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-summer-travel-haves-55889303"}