Problem-solving deals that make life easier and happier

Tory Johnson has "GMA" exclusive deals on small business items like the “Amaranth” unbreakable vase, "The Phone Lanyard" by Gear Beast and so much more.
3:42 | 10/24/20

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Transcript for Problem-solving deals that make life easier and happier
Now to "Deals & steals," Tory Johnson is here with problem solvers that make life a lot easier and happier and the best part is they're all from small businesses. Tory, always great to see you. So what's the first problem solver we're looking at here? Hey, whit, so the first one is a very smart way to hold your stuff from gear beast. We've got a few different options, a lanyard that holds your phone to keep it front and center so you're hands-free. We've got a stick-on phone wallet that will carry cards without blocking anything on your phone and then these phone grips that will have -- it's a kickstand so you can watch videos, make your calls, do whatever, again, hands-free and all of it is 50% off, $5 to $12.50. Excellent. Very cool. I'm intrigued by this light over here. What is this? Tell me about it. Good. It will give you better energy and improve your mood. That comes from the aura therapy light, and for many people staying inside is often sort of a cause of winter blues, and so this light replicates daylight to prevent that. There's a timer that's built in with settings from ten minutes up to an hour. It's easy to mount on a wall or sit on a table. You don't even have to know it's there to benefit from it being there. It's also 50% off. $65. So it is literally mood lighting. There you go. All right, we like that. All right. Tell us what we have here. We got plowers in vases. I'm excited about this because this will keep your flowers fresh longer. So oftentimes we put the flower in the vase and it's so inconvenient to change the water and to snip the stems, and those are the two things that keep the flowers fresh. This is a very innovative vase from a company called amaranth. It allows you to twist, to do two different things and put the flowers straight in, you can twist to quickly change the water without ever removing the flowers and twist again to snip the stems. It is so smart. It's also a very modern geometric design in a variety of colors, highly recommend, 50% off, it's $30. Okay, love it. All right, Tory, walk me down the desk here. What are we looking at now? We are looking at spatty. The easiest way to retrieve every last drop of your cosmetics or your condiments. A skinny little stick with a special spatula at the end to get into those little cracks and crevices often difficult to get your stuff. Perfect also for a lot of crafting items as well. Made in America. 50% off. They start at $2.50. Don't want to waste. Then we'll stick kind of in the kitchen category. Geometry, these are really great tea towels. What I love is the bright, bold, beautiful patterns. They're also a super soft weave pattern, so they're highly absorbent, which is one -- you don't notice that until you actually use it. They look beautiful in the kitchen, instant upgrade. 50% off, whit. They are $8. What's next? So the last thing, we've got some crossbody bags. This is not particularly for you, whit. But for -- Says who? -- Other people. This is a great -- that's true. That's true. I take it back. The guitar straps would look fabulous on you. You get your choice of a guitar strap, as well as a plain strap to match your outfit or your mood. Best of all these bags today are $20 from K. Carroll. Love that. Tory, thank you so much. A camo one. I would choose camo for you. Oh, that's the one I was going with. It's a little bit more rugged. Tory, thank you so much. Appreciate it. Of course, we partnered with all these companies on the deals, and you can get them on our website, Dan and Eva, over to you.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Tory Johnson has \"GMA\" exclusive deals on small business items like the “Amaranth” unbreakable vase, \"The Phone Lanyard\" by Gear Beast and so much more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73802380","title":"Problem-solving deals that make life easier and happier","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/problem-solving-deals-make-life-easier-happier-73802380"}