Tory Johnson shares deals on useful home goods, all from small businesses

Deals on items like puzzles, trivia sets and chalkboard mats to help keep the kids entertained.
3:59 | 05/16/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares deals on useful home goods, all from small businesses
solutions at incredible prices, all from small businesses. Tory, what have you got for us this morning? Good morning, Eva. So first up, show off your state pride with fish kiss. This is an adorable company. Everything is designed and printed right here in the united States. They have multi-use towels, so you can choose your state. The detail is amazing in these. They're absorbent. Great for kitchen or bathroom and a really good price because today they're 50% off, making them $9. Now we'll go to another great one for cleaning. This company is called easy living, and they make a green cleaning system that is made of nasa grade silicone rubber. You rub this in any area where there is a mess to clean up and use it in place of a vacuum or broom. So you have to roll it across the floor to pick up lint, pet hair, debris, some dirt. It comes with a little small one for the car for pet hair or dirt. Super smart and no cleaning fluid needed. Normally it's $70. For the set you get a lot of pieces with it. Today it is slashed by 57% to $30. Then we go to a fun company started by some college best friends called sneakerasers. And this is the perfect way to clean your sneakers if you take pride in having clean sneakers. You want to have one of these with you all the time. They also make an option for cars, as well as golf clubs, so we're going to help everything stay clean really easily because it's a simple product to use and the results are great. Everything comes in packs. The packs are all 50% off so today they start at $7.25. Then we have got some fun, some fun activities for home. This is a great company called wild wolf and they make puzzles and activity sets, a mix of both. The trivia covers almost every category you could imagine. Choose music, movies, pop culture, food, travel, famous women, you name it. There's something for every interest. Also some family fun nights and then they have these really great floor puzzles that have these kind of beautiful illustrations, just so cheerful that inspire both the kids as well as the parent. So you have fun doing it together. Everything comes in sets. They are 50% off, and so they start at $20. Then also speaking of activities for kids and families, this is a great company called imagination starters. It was created by a mom in Michigan to just keep everybody busy, occupied and creative at the same time. Their chalkboard mats, one side is designed with lots of creative exercises and the other side is blank to inspire children's or adult creativity. They come with chalkboard crayons, so your set is ready to go and they're reusable and easy to clean, which I love. There's even an option for family game night which I particularly love. All of these come in sets, they are slashed in half so today they start at $10. It's a really, really fun small business, and this woman, all of her retail stores like many of these have closed, so you're helping to save jobs and get good stuff. Then finally a company called discover night. They make great products to help us add a little beauty to our sleep routine. This is their set of a satin eye mask and pillowcase. You choose from three colors, king or standard. The eye mask blocks out light. The satin pillowcase is great on your skin and your hair. So add a beauty boost to your sleep routine. An amazing price. Today these sets are slashed by 73%, so it is $20 and from this company, free shipping. Eva, you ready to shop? I think Dan needs the beauty boost satin pillow. What are you trying to say? I need -- can I have one for both sides of my head? I think that might work. Thanks so much, Tory. We've partnered with all of those companies on these deals. You can get them on our web site, I wasn't implying anything

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Deals on items like puzzles, trivia sets and chalkboard mats to help keep the kids entertained.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70720568","title":"Tory Johnson shares deals on useful home goods, all from small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-deals-home-goods-small-businesses-70720568"}