Bob Odenkirk is an action star, not a lawyer

The “Better Call Saul” star talks about his upcoming film role, memoir and more.
6:15 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for Bob Odenkirk is an action star, not a lawyer
show, "Breaking bad," and a hit show "Better call Saul" whose fifth season premiered this week. Take a look. Say hello to my little friend. See right there? Circled in red? It's preprogrammed, ready to go. Number one on the speed dial goes directly to me. You press that, and poof. I'm there. Next. Why call the cell phone guy? Because I'm not just a cell phone guy. I'm the lawyer who's going to fight for you. Please welcome Bob Odenkirk. How you doing, man? Thank you. The one and only. So good to have you here. Welcome, man. Welcome, welcome, welcome. We called Saul. Yes. Yes. I'm not a lawyer. I don't know anything. People come up to me and they say, do you actually know? Why would you think that? But you are -- outside this you're a busy guy because you wrapped season five awhile ago. We did. What have you been up to in the meantime? It's the craziest thing. I shot an action movie which -- Okay. I'm ready. Come on, James bond. Yeah. A full-on action movie written by Derek Kolstad who wrote "John wick." That's no joke. I had to train for two years for it. What specific training did you have to do? I trained with a group of stunt people called 8711. They're amazing. They do all the big movies, you know, "Hobbs & Shaw," and "Deadpool." And "John wick." Oh wow. I had to go -- you might know I was a comedy writer for 25 years. Yeah. Yeah, a great comedy writer. The good thing about being a comedy writer is I didn't use my body. My knees were fine. My back was okay, and so I was, like, I put it out there that I would like to do an action movie. I thought that my character in "Saul", you know, is a serious guy. He's really earnest. I mean, he's funny sometimes, but he is earnestly trying to get what he needs. Right. And he's -- he fails and he fights back. He keeps trying. Yep. So the fighting, actual fighting, it's kind of the person you follow in an action movie. Yeah. So anyway, I trained and we had this great script and shot it. That's what I did. I shot this movie since we finished "Saul," and it will come out later this year and I'll come back to tell you about it. I can't wait for this, man. And I have never spent so much time in a gym. Okay. You can relate to Michael now. It was, like, five, six hours in a day. Oh my goodness. It becomes your life. Go ahead and take your shirt off. I'm kidding. I'm in good shape. Can you imagine? You're also working on a memoir. Is this going to be a funny book? Can we tune in for the laughs? Everybody, see that's what they're going to think. I was a comedy writer and still do write, and I'm, like -- I wish this -- we sit in rooms and try to make each other laugh, but I don't think it's very funny. The work itself is, like, staring into space, feeling bad about what you just did and saying embarrassing things and being rude to each other, and then once in awhile, something funny happens or you think of something. Okay. I wish it was funnier. I will keep re-writing it and putting as many funny things -- I will make stuff up. If your personality is in it, and it's a memoir, it will be funny in its own way. I'm writing it because I have had this really strange career starting as a comedy writer, and with improv in Chicago, and then making my way to "Saturday night live" as a writer, and then having my own shows in comedy and then somehow getting into drama ten years ago. And in action. Yeah. Action. Everything. You know, really I'm writing it because I remember what it was like to be 21 and wishing I could be in show business, but really wondering, like, how do you -- where do you start? Season five, "Better call Saul." You said this is the craziest and best season yet. Yes. You're nominated for emmys every year. That's very nice. What can you give us? Give us all the spoilers. Well, I'm Saul now in the show. He was Jimmy Mcgill for a long time, and he's chosen to be Saul Goodman. He has changed his name legally so that he can operate under that name, and he's full force moving forward on swindling the good people of Albuquerque, and taking as much money as he can from them, and I don't want to give anything away, but Saul gets himself into the worst trouble he's ever been in. Oh, wow. If that's not a teaser. We can't have you here though without saying I'm a huge "Breaking bad" fan. "Breaking bad" fans out here. Yep. You are someone that I remember reading this because I was so obsessed with the series. You were meant to be a small character in that. Yeah. And because you killed it, you not only excelled and stood out in that series. You were again, as we said, season five of a show that was designed around how you played a character. I can't tell you how much you admire your skill and acting. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm checking out this memoir, funny or not. I won't expect any less, but I'm reading it. Thank you, thank you. When the action movie comes out, you come back. I will. In the meantime, everybody, you make sure you catch "Better call Saul" Sundays on AMC. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"The “Better Call Saul” star talks about his upcoming film role, memoir and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69257564","title":"Bob Odenkirk is an action star, not a lawyer","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bob-odenkirk-action-star-lawyer-69257564"}