These are the hottest dating terms for 2020

"Glamboozled," "flashpanning" and more when Michael quizzes Sara and Keke on dating terminology.
7:00 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for These are the hottest dating terms for 2020
And hard it is to believe New Year's everybody is only a month the way we're glad he's already all right so what did you decades. They're come new phrases. So we thought Obie is just being together failed ready for New Year's crop may go to game what we're we we get the definition of twenty to relieve hot it's. Dating turns yeah. Phil yeah what I let you I'm that I hold up a car did okay. And you to tell me what you think it'd and Sarah if you do win this. I'm calling your have. Yeah. You can yell Oakland turn number one and that is when he won eight. Good lamb who Wenzel we hear. Dickson and himself after a break up. I think that's a really good guess dram Google for me I'm thinking it's like how people as to gravity did you like they go of people that you didn't get your fake bat in the beginning and you know me you gland below will release it lap when you post or aren't they made I think it's when you pull something will you look better they can really can't hear. Or I don't know I don't know I don't know. Okay glad lululemon getting slowly got up for a date only to have them can't do alone. Plans fall through at the last and that isn't what we will do next. Like all legal again. You let girls have a full blood mountain in did turn back to group common except the learns OK I got with a net to make things around. Cast Parikh that's ghosting. Oh yeah but I get the same building like more severe now I think counts for in the friendly go. The way of Gholston somebody like I. I'd go feed you rulings I think I did saw. It's OK get hurt a nice way and let someone know that you're about to disappear wrong man. Well. I've read one of the that we I don't know which wanted to do Michael there's really know what it. You cast her in the friendly balanced economy Robinson Michael signs the checks. You know whatever. Iraq on the net out Mets went up flask containing. Not this I had that little Carson's friends and clan is gaining involved as it when you streak on the first day Peterson. Flashing mall pick up. Flash is used when you haven't heard they wouldn't only be you'd be having second went into our. Pan am probably lag but you come and you really impressed with the you're gone nominee but. Protecting the writing and they are young and then me okay it flashing. Right now with not flouting breaking now with you after their honeymoon phase is over has come late last. Come mangan a good fast that you love bombing. Another bombing began to grow Halloween date in Knox does not love Bob not 20/20. Last minute I'm Harry go. When I have no idea why it took on did you mediating really didn't get cut I really didn't really think I got something Greg. Presuming greatly might not you said that like you have experience. Okay. Customary black thought it wouldn't drink something and maybe white. I dreaming can't drink to drink I'm thinking maybe half of the new do it and like maybe you guys go out for day drinking lawyers like that. You know I don't know I've never I don't know what I. I'm not like considerable amount applies to CS FT have got a conviction within the layers like minded stand with someone you find basic in boring. Only because you find them attractive and. Wow. I would never get any of these things eager you do you give him a living hell yeah I you know I've had it right this approach. When of that with a wild Tony when you think he let it dial tone is. Okay. Well. Now Tony I don't have any idiot gets up its image and ignoring the calls things someone calling you in new deal did TH DKB yeah. Actually that's what I think it's like yeah. Yeah screening I think that the Dow tonight at any of the every go. Giving someone your phone number only to ignore them when they reach out yeah. I know you need a different phone number you'll get your own home I got one time credit that to somebody did the mom on a massive don't live right now because not only is dated he called me anyway a mom they. The man beyond belief in a million more because I didn't want him to be there's an economy that isn't snowfall but I did itself Senegal you don't have to give your phone number this is how you get up to give you all know someone you don't wanna get to. You say to them strictly a I'll give you my email because that's what's my phone number too often that you probably hit me in a you know and that we get the email and then if they find you walk the two minute bump into ministry these. Our god and Ahmed a technical. Yeah I'm not obeying it. For people at my at minute speech and how they cannot afford date but I bidding for people in general because again constrained given huge number look I hate and a hat that I given the wrong email to an argument. That's why you'll bend crime day and learning his speech. Clara. Paid me. Let's yet I know leading grabbed him here I'll do 88 what it wouldn't let time get sweaty feet do you know why not like a big moment. I'm what we kind yea what would congregate UIC yeah about what else we didn't write it says about this coming yet they don't about the sales talk about the sale of. When you sit down up and only. You've you've you think somebody talk Battenfeld. I like her explanation Redmond maybe if somebody who's like they're there they're at. Attitude geared up and now you know you don't know what vehicle then daddy and it looks I have those. I don't think. Maybe you're Kanye at the. I'm here we go cot be kind JV is yet when your date spanned the entire tied talk about. And I'd say whether it's compound ideally different object broke. Don't just now about her white cornea. And I don't act.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"\"Glamboozled,\" \"flashpanning\" and more when Michael quizzes Sara and Keke on dating terminology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67496415","title":"These are the hottest dating terms for 2020","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hottest-dating-terms-2020-67496415"}