Keke's on the Time 100 Next list

Michael talks about how much Keke has accomplished in a short amount of time.
1:56 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for Keke's on the Time 100 Next list
And I am super excited about this next thing because I saw it yesterday. Keke was named in "Time's" 100 next which is spotlighting rising stars who shape business and entertainment, sports, television, science and more. Take a look. Everybody has gone through moments of being underestimated. For me, I enjoy that because it gives me that much more excitement to really surprise people with my ability to not be tied down to one thing. I'm happy that I still have that spirit in me. You know what, y'all, what I have to say is the best part of that article was seeing what Michael had to say about me. Michael wrote a blurb. They had talked to him. The things that you said, Michael, they touched me so much because you know I admire you. You're such a great person since the beginning when I started the show. Thank you. To hear what you said about me, that was really sweet. Just make sure you give me that money you said you were going to give me. I thought Michael was going to say, I was just being honest for a minute before I start giving you crap again. I was being honest. Keke has -- you've done so much in 26 years, and you forget how -- since you were 12 years old, you basically said at 12 years old I was financially independent and everything else but you've done so many things that when we're here at the show and people come out and they go, oh yeah, we did that movie together and you go, like, my goodness, how much have you done. But you're humble. You're energetic, great humor. You're fun, willing to play and have a good time, and we appreciate that. And I appreciate y'all. And all those people also always say I saw this in her then which shows you that that was always there. It's kind of what came. Because that part is always -- Y'all need to stop. Keep going. We're going to stop for now but you guys make sure you go and pick it up and check out keke, "Time" 100 next. That's right.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Michael talks about how much Keke has accomplished in a short amount of time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67015881","title":"Keke's on the Time 100 Next list","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/kekes-time-100-list-67015881"}