Michael, Sara and Keke on teaching their parents social media

A story about Andy Murray and his mom have the hosts sharing their experiences with parents and all things digital.
4:08 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Michael, Sara and Keke on teaching their parents social media
A sell a former number one tennis player in the world Andy Murray. Where the race only trolling his mom Judy OK so Johnny doesn't take on answer and a Mandarin organist. Spelling hell well with the caption this is I use now held in Mandarin. We'll import. Hot hot like top half but don't let me can do we forgot to cropping. Sell the polls just looked kind of weird like without the that's what any panels writing in Savannah the visual platforms that you could think I would cap the content out I want want to into the eighth. Yeah mad old lady please try to do better at love from your baby boy. Visit your final warning people and follow and yeah. And abbey in nation they would incident unopened units. Here we go. I wow. I didn't it and he's only got an eighteen double Hough is that he don't eat bread not follow his mom. The question is not like you and I is will deadly due to relate have you ever had to teach your parents useful for me. Back. Cutting started literally wind what are first began my mom used to be like totally help when I was a kid like when I do my work and stuff my brain she would help me with my social media. If so when to came out she would always ordinary that was really into handling it myself mental long story short this was the first time she had experience trolling. And all all telling me just a cousin. It and well. I am. Daryn I'm the only country. More after that and not the first time that is just a little yeah have you had a teacher parents like technology because my parents. So based times they get my family my parents don't live here are so that kids and I will check in a lot on face time. My mom for some reading cannot get her face into the free. We'll tell you a home Hanley conversation ends. Not to acknowledge and she only you looks like it it it each time they planted the camera somewhere else and where it's there and I'm like. I don't want unique slab of skin. He met. And nothing is my mum on the Disney she'd like this clothing I do a good. What we need to where's the camera in the same place it was yesterday we buried discuss this thing like let they've been evident on the iPhone reload yeah. You know I don't deep popular technology they know more than I do. You're not about these. Lombok. You didn't need to not accept any Michael I think we'll see had a trying year now. Wow what I did Obama isn't. Nice of you and I don't mean that the parents and faith. Ball club in a part of the penny out and eat pizza and beat me. Look we got a look on my bed leaving him. And they're bad they're got doing that let Bob Bob without FaceBook and she tied it all my friend but you Monica think W bomb competent some lift up my mom post. I'm not a sudden I don't fit become a little French but what Britain screen shot incidentally. NC posted 11 day and they like I love you mom post I think. Mom you can't do this he posted an article that that a guy denied. Paternity. In the end needs it non in the U seven kids eat because. Invite eight kids because he had sex at night in his firm with sleeping. And. Mom mom won't pick. And I got a lot of a lot of Donald big book to their whole lives not only need to know about yeah. It'll hold of the media and here at an impasse like right now though a lot of younger people left speaks but behind what our parents are picking it up late like it. Well Craig.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"A story about Andy Murray and his mom have the hosts sharing their experiences with parents and all things digital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68355488","title":"Michael, Sara and Keke on teaching their parents social media","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-keke-teaching-parents-social-media-68355488"}