Michael, Sara and Keke take the water challenge

Dr. Jen Ashton gets the hosts to commit to drinking more water to stay hydrated in 2020.
6:22 | 01/08/20

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Transcript for Michael, Sara and Keke take the water challenge
We're continuing our week-long series, "Happy new year, happy new you." That's right. Who better to help us ring in 2020 with a health and wellness plan that's realistic and doable than our friend Dr. Jen Ashton. Doc, thank you for being here with us. Thank you guys. Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year. And speaking of new year, my new year's resolution was self-care, really trying to give myself more self-love. I wanted to know what it means to you? That's one of the biggest health trends of this year actually. The term has morphed over time. I recently read something that really crystalized it for me. Self-care is I got you where you are, you might be doing well, but we can do a little better with quick, fun things that can make you feel good right now as well as long term. I love that. I love that. The new year's resolutions and you have your book out, "The self-care solution." I also know that a lot of times when people think of self-care they think of working out and diet, but self-care is more comprehensive than that. Yeah, to me I wrote this to be the solution for you guys than it was for me. The background to it, I was coming out of the worst year of my life in 2017 and I spent a lot of time focusing on taking care of others. I kind of realized, whoa, I -- the doctor needs to walk the walk and I turn that on myself. So, I mean, I just hate being a hypocrite. I put in this book kind of three categories of stuff that we eat and drink. The way we move and the stuff that goes on above the neck that's always neglected. Those three categories. I put together these fun monthly challenges that don't expect perfection. If you do it five out of 30 days five more days than you did it the month before. I like that. You tackle in the book, hydration. We always talk about how good -- water is good for you. It's for everything. But at the same time we don't always meet that mark. I want to know, what really does happen when we neglect our hydration? I'm actually 20 years old, keke, but I look 100, because I'm dehydrated. But, listen, being dehydrated I have had kidney stones because of dehydration. Oh, my gosh. It can make us hungry. It can give us headaches. A recent study showed that it can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Where's my water? Get it, girl. This was one of those things that I was like, what should we be doing every day that I'm not doing? This was at the top of the list. We wanted to get in on the fun. We wanted to do a joint challenge, doc. Bring it. But -- but, to drink more water like playing sports we need a game plan. We're going to lean on you to give us the hydration game plan. What is the hydration game plan? This is what you're going to start drinking, about 3.7 liters. Oh, my gosh. All I see is ten bathroom stops. Ten, that's just at night. This is what a man should drink in an average day, an average man, 3.7 liters a day. You guys, 2.7 liters a day. Wait, this is it? This is -- this is -- I'm a little lazy. This is for women, 2.7 liters. This is a liter. So what I did, I didn't get fancy, I didn't buy any fancy bottles. I took old plastic ones, reused them, and filled them and put them in the refrigerator. I would grab one in the morning, one in the middle of the day and one at night, and I'm behind. This is 3.7 liters. Okay, lot of people, so I had to start tracking mine at one point on an app. Somedays you're really good, you're on it, by Wednesday you're like, did I drink at all today? Listen, in the book I go through 12 monthly challenges. I tell you what works for me and I give you tips you'll find your own way. For me I like the three bottle method because I went one, two, three. I knew I had to get rid of those bottles every single day. I also used the calendar method that was so helpful. Like, the old-fashioned calendars. Not on my phone. I would look at it in my kitchen. I would mark down, I did this, I did this. A quick look at the month. The other thing about drinking so much water what I found is it keeps you full. You're not eating. But also, it's no different, because some people prefer sparkling water. Any type of water will do the trick. You told us sparkling water wasn't good for us. A doctor comes along -- I didn't say it wasn't good for you. I'll drink to that. I said that if it's bubbling on the outside it's probably bubbling on the inside. Let me just say -- Michael, the medical term everyone has to pass gas. Nothing to be ashamed of. This is a judgment-free zone. I'm not ashamed. I'm just surprised. This is a challenge. I got these -- Everybody got to do it. Are we all in? I'm in. You heard it here first, guys. For the next 30 days, we're going to challenge ourselves to drink more water. We'll keep you posted on journey as we track our progress. For you guys at home, if you're feeling inspired do it along with us. Do it with us. Yeah. Make sure to pick up a copy of Dr. Jen's new book, "The self-care solution," available in stores now. But, you know what, guess what?

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton gets the hosts to commit to drinking more water to stay hydrated in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68147611","title":"Michael, Sara and Keke take the water challenge","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-keke-water-challenge-68147611"}