Michael’s surprising new diet, viewer questions and more

The “SSK” squad reveals their favorite quarantine habits, binge-worthy shows and more.
11:13 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Michael’s surprising new diet, viewer questions and more
Hey at eight annaly hack Friday. I know they're saying dean. It's opening a great things on your rising all the rights spears on good. Are you. And. Zero. I wouldn't you her. And if both you have to explain make PP loans to yeah he'd long doc here what's gone on. There's a segment of shooting later for us in our show about getting in natural look and I'm. I had this appear. In. So. I initially grabbed. I know exactly bad bad bad natural. Look at any natural all Michael. It. When you probably going to be like a little me. Because I was being light you'd. Be greatly eased in. That's how can. Not a ballot that. Great now. I don't read. Them a while but it moved hand. But unity you had a you have to set a value you know what I did because I got like. You're squeaking areas light fine your face. This is my view. I get happy. Every Wednesday leaky he and by the way you die. By the way that it is little eyes and who. And waited in lemont. Thirty defendant. Here in Washington know I. Might be it by me. Are you woman. They carried out I'm trying to Dooley. Yeah here what do you do I Kerry Washington are now. I at the moment the young group urged them because of the barge. Like ours. Whenever I see young actors I've never known someone so personally I know you he started so young when I young actors I waste ink and you unlike those are the future whether they're right girl whatever points like. Those are the future Kiki. Some wall may get some will all of a in trans you know. Everyone about your inspiring he would meet Unita kid anymore. I yeah big old people. There are others. Know what. He said. Eight old record. I can't believe I want to be twenty. Ease they let. You were born are in full time job it he definitely. Didn't. In line is. It makes me like that that will. Have now we travel and meet. Basically old white guy. I got to tell you got what I'm doing right now do you really we. Where are doing I have been this week because the mural beer and out quarantine people in the you know are armed and donate one week G. Planes. Were weak. And I am all I'm you know it's been. I got the water. I have but I am a bigger. It. Anything but I noticed you noticed every Ricky and commercial on TV you noted every food. Late Otto alive when you walk down the street and shall we. The people shells eating Pratt it would Alter. We have mark immediately at the bottom Bob. And while he Michael here on gate you're on Thursday you've been going since Monday. Yeah I've been going. Oh my goodness I'm so impressed with Ukraine but I will say don't ask what my skin and looking good that way any lighting Natalie you today. We do because it would be more probably liked to Wear it like an eight hour leg. Good well it's amazing what you get part of my. Eating that you actually formed a Little League does what for a came up here open refrigerator look. The handling the east. You guys we have into somebody's got an easy question mark OK it's. A right. This is from blue eyed devils 75 what are your favorite things did you inquiry and I am. Favorite thing to do do an accord me is eat. Our home also. Enjoyed like cooking and David Cook import it's tough and it's hard on a one dude every day. I have enjoyed the cookie have endured eating and I've been duly. Obviously timed just like come home and walk dogged. Alike are bombarded. Artisan jewelry kind of abuse. Taken in stride in the frustrating them immediately it is everybody out. What a sad time what are going to be a little bit the REIT. And that's it for me. Oh Eakes. My favorite being out pretty typical B and each is really quite lenient and shelled you know usually only doing the he kind of reality show TV as you can jump in at eighty mile. But lately I. Happening to all the real drama type. At. Ice. Finished need rob Bartlett art program at. Eyes to. His knees and I'm like let on art that. B or Ian are about. It only that I'm. And it got me. All material. Jill I would be my favorite thing I've done a most of would be cooking because I I think. Necessity DeMint and I wanted to or more really enjoyed getting in it in a room I hadn't. Imagined four. Other thing I loved and it's not just in quarantine in part in small kids I don't get into this like they used to which is reading in what it. Getting into a shallow been watching because they're in and eat. Where you can cuddle up and just follow a story wherever in someone else issues. And all of those are mormons is a story. In a little bit it is eat. And I just. I love it I love that moment he popped back and again here shortly moment because we have little it whether it's not. Our economy and now when I biggest jump in even select next episode when it's in the credit since they announced a another one. There's a rush I let. You write to is we need as they need to like. Nearly went he went out and you're like our. It didn't feel good the only way that if we stick to our youth early yet. Sometimes. And I right out a song of the credit. Pray every few unique July opened a window get it. What's your go to movies or HO. That's for an act Rihanna could well lately it's in it's an old but it could be against them powerlessness is Neitzel innings on crime. I got into that because I remember. So game winning an award never. You know what's funny Michael this is how long it's been in at like the line for me was one of the times we wrap. One of the worst shares and I started know we would have been it would Ingle gone but it was getting tons of awards. Posting this on my. Social media the one being checked out one day look at it and they do love your pieces and I get our leases with the cost in the language and I watched. It pretty fast as Rachel Ross is at least a Gurney. And to her. Until I just. Because I was so lean in the story hitting click on the next episode and now I'm in. So that's in my kinda go to you lately. W keep them. Oh no I'd go to ia one though is. Aren't your and are not yet. There why me what I. Jump into. It all just an archaeologist has been made it. Also like issue or it. That's a little bit edgy but it's really really funny is called big have you seen. It's a cartoon that kind of a talk about what young it will experience in terms of hormones in eagle you high school relationships. It just different but. It its goal is there any injured early exit I want. It it Albany. And it. It's. Like. I. Ago and thirteen and one. Great. I mean I can I mean act act or lose. Michael Jordan. 08. Bit lean in like old. Old. King and queen. I wondered why he Martin's. Martin. Yeah. I do not. Let that Marten WA cyclical from the hand my ideas Canada day you don't. There is barred. Bradley. They want to court allowed a bike. Arts. Like a lot of hard. Show. Any. Doug go to sleep exactly a great time it's knew that on some really interest Maine yes. Yes yes well he Gary need automotive. Request that we got to save some questions ordinary. We that we would do that but we miss you guys you know you next week we miss you keep union issued new. I'm slowly. It would its athletic mark. No look in my view Michael eat I was still leaking from the cards. C ago. Over.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"The “SSK” squad reveals their favorite quarantine habits, binge-worthy shows and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70833296","title":"Michael’s surprising new diet, viewer questions and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michaels-surprising-diet-viewer-questions-70833296"}