Momfessions with Sara and Hilaria Baldwin

It's a judgement-free zone when the ladies invite audience members to share their mom coping mechanisms.
8:02 | 01/20/20

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Transcript for Momfessions with Sara and Hilaria Baldwin
It's time for another installment of my favorite segment, momfessions. This is where we get into the truth behind what it is like to be a mom, the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have our little tricks and tips to get through the days like those little white lies we tell our kids. Whatever it takes, you guys. And I know what you your thinking, can you share those. I'm joined by a woman who knows the ins and outs of motherhood. With four kids of her own and three fur babies, please welcome, co-host of the mom brain podcast, my friend, Hilaria Baldwin. Hi. Hilaria, I'm so happy you're here. I'm happy to be here. Thank you for wanting me to hang out with you. You're like the definition, I follow your account just to figure out to live a better and do better. I don't know about that. Every single day I'm just trying to figure it out. That's what we do. I'm going to start us off with a little momfession. Last weekend my whole family, my husband and the three kids were going to the park and we started to put the kids in the stroller and I told max, I strapped the baby on me, he said, no, you don't need to do that. Meanwhile, I started to tell him the baby loves the heartbeat. He misses it. I missed it. I just didn't want to chase the kids around the playground. So, needless to say, all of a sudden, I'm sorry, my baby. I drank coffee through the whole event. Like, I got a baby. What do you have? Give me something good. This is one thing I started doing recently and I'm obsessed with it. It's lying to my children, however they'll forgive me hopefully one day. Judgment-free zone. Judgment-free zone. So bedtime, especially with four little ones is a nightmare. I can't even tell you, it's a nightmare. So, I'm taking advantage of the idea that it gets dark by the fact that it gets dark early and I start telling them 5:00, 5:30 that it's so late, they can't tell time. It's like the best thing ever. 5:00, I'm like, it's so late, I can't believe you guys are still awake. Then, by 5:50 they're in bed. Guys, you're going to feel really bad tomorrow. You're going to be so tired. They're like, oh, my god, we stayed up really late. 6:10 they're out. The other night, the other night Carmen had a sleepover, and the mom in front of you, mom was talking about bedtimes I'm like, don't speak about time. We don't want to learn how to tell time here. I love that. I'm so using that, because max's they'll wake up early. I leave early. So that's not many problem. Double fession. We're not the only ones. Do we have some moms who are willing to momfess? I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I have a momfession. I have three children who are obsessed with ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream. Their favorite. Morning, afternoon, dinner, whenever they want ice cream. I buy them frozen yogurt. I scoop it out of the container. I put knit the clear ice cream container and feed it to them. They love it, though, they don't know. Is this little lie terrible? No. No. And I'll tell you, I love that and I think I'm going to use that. My kids love ice cream, too. So does my husband, by the way, it's a big problem. Basically what I got on Amazon, I got an ice cream maker and I make a smoothie that has kale, you put chocolate in there you don't want to be a complete liar and say it's chocolate ice cream and it's not. Then you make ice cream and then you put it in the containers. That's a great idea. That's brilliant. I like that. I know, right. Thank you so much. Who do we have next? We got a twofer. Good morning, how are you? I'm Melissa from Greenville, North Carolina, and this is my 17-year-old daughter, Caroline. And so, my momfession is that I travel quite often for work and sometimes gone one, two nights a week, and with Caroline being 17 that gives her time to plan to have an event at the house while I'm out of town. So, I just don't tell her when I'm leaving town anymore. Wait, you just don't come home. But you're telling her right now. She's kind of figured it out as we go along. This is the moment. What do you do? Seriously, you can't leave them? I hear you get in trouble. She's 17. We coordinate for her to stay with neighbors. A last-minute thing. You just need to go to the neighbors. But, wait, would you be making a party at the house? Yes. Did you know that she was doing this to her? At first, I thought she was crazy. But now, I kind of get it. You kind of respect it? Yes, ma'am. But I wish she would tell me when she was leaving. When you stop having parties she'll tell you. There you go. Trust you when you're 30. Stop doing this. Thank you so much. Thank you both for momfessing. Okay, bring it on, you're in good company today. My name is Megan Bennett and I live in Manhattan. I have a 2-year-old daughter and she's obsessed with wheels on the bus. We'll watch it all day every day. There are so many different versions out there. But sometimes I just can't handle it anymore, on repeat, so I lie her and tell her that the wheels are broken and it works. Why couldn't the wheels sleep why did you have to break them? I don't know. It's the first thing that came to mind. The wheels are broken. She believes it. Is this lie bad? No. She doesn't remember they broke. That's classic. No batteries. Broken. Sleeping. Went to go to see friends, family, anything, the bus can have a family. Whatever it is, just whatever gives you a break. Alexa sleeps in our house every night. Don't be rude to try and call for her she's sleeping. We sleep, we have had a lot of things that have happened. That's totally brilliant. I don't know how she can listen to it that much. It's not good for them. Daniel the tiger plays all day. The worst part of it is when you're by yourself and there's somebody else than mom in here and then you start singing it, it just takes it to new places. I commend you. The good news is, she'll get over it. Then she'll like something else that you don't like. It keeps on going. Thank you, ladies, so much. Thank you for momfessing. We love it. Thank you, guys, we want to thank you all for sharing. Be sure check out mom brain which is awesome, and if you have a momfession you want to share with us, tweet us using the #imomfessed. Keep them coming. Misery loves company. No one knows what they're doing. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"It's a judgement-free zone when the ladies invite audience members to share their mom coping mechanisms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68406508","title":"Momfessions with Sara and Hilaria Baldwin","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/momfessions-sara-hilaria-baldwin-68406508"}