What movie traumatized Michael, Sara and Keke as kids?

The hosts reveal their scariest movie moments.
2:25 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for What movie traumatized Michael, Sara and Keke as kids?
This is from mom Twitter user Ashley Bauer. What if they movie that traumatize you ask a kid oh. So this started off the the compound conversations and dom she gave her answer. The movie that traumatized her attic he would do my G while Benjamin. We don't get it really freaked me out. Let's creepy crawlers and stuff like yeah you know imagining somebody coming. Saturday but a Clinton but celebrity but the flip I didn't using numbers and the president of the united museum is completely different and higher. So celebrity that weighed in on a bad breath he every Indiana Jones and the temple do like him that when he says when he pulled a heart. All he had asked his mom who. If he'd go too good today arcade plague of the lobbying you want to sit in a movie anymore. And Olivia Wilde wrote the movie key armed kid song disturbing she assisting with continue gold until wind. At the block very much shelves stocked it incorrectly I put Canada well actually and it's not keep moving and act didn't get. What movie traumatize yields are at the kid. Paul I lol that's why every time the channel trustee David Aaron it does that she I just know they're coming foreign looks like. The other thing is that how next moves every time he suffered in stuffed doll in a room I swear it twitch and I was like they're back. Again. It's only got eight and we buried my sister's bird with a piece a liquor secondly photo in a little pencil box just like them. Who actually kind of quality to your life that's what I like. What movie drug does you give. The receipt can you name an OK and that was so scared I grew up and go bringing grapes which is where they just will mean yeah. The mountain area that's why does not like it was very real listing their regular tenant three times and one half my dad didn't he do it in his are being on the door act like kidney was coming give. I am but I do know whether they are. In a movie and got me on every year I became it will be exercised all of airmen and I did what are out of fear of god could arrange to have our. Oh. Yeah out what I think that the body. I interrupt you and its aftermath don't get freaked out because that kind of stuff like that might really be you it's still a little but will my TV goes. That didn't hear me no hassles don't go into the light they never have.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The hosts reveal their scariest movie moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69125619","title":"What movie traumatized Michael, Sara and Keke as kids?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/movie-traumatized-michael-sara-keke-kids-69125619"}