Don't ask Naomie Harris about James Bond

The actress admits that she's always the last to hear about 007 rumors.
5:06 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Don't ask Naomie Harris about James Bond
her academy award winning film "Moonlight" and her role as eve Moneypenny in the bond films. Now she stars in the new police thriller "Black and blue." Take a look. Are you okay? You look like hell. Where's your ride at? It's a long story. Let's go. Let's get you out of here. Are you injured? Come on, we got you. We found west. We got her. We got you. West, hey, don't be stupid, west. All he wants is the body cam. Whoa. Please welcome naomie Harris. Hello. Let me help you up. Thank you. Come on over here. Great to have you here. Thank you so much for having me here. Thank you for being here. Are you kidding me. That clip, every time we watch it we're like -- Oh, my god, wait until you watch the movie. Honestly, you're going to be on the edge of your seat. It's like 12 hours with me on the run. It is so scary. You know what, I can tell -- couldn't you tell from the clip there's something undercover going on, something we don't know about the story. I'm so into it. My mum watched it and she ended up in the bathroom for half the movie. She couldn't cope. She was on the phone to my brother like, I can't cope with this. She's in too much trouble, I can't cope. I love it. I'm like, mom, I'm sitting right next to you. How scary can it be? This is probably hard for a parent to watch because you're really seeing your child, regardless of the role. Exactly. Then again, mom knows you can handle yourself if you're on the run for 12 hours. That's true. That's true, yes. She probably had a different reaction when you got appointed as obe by the queen of England. Tell me, what does that mean, obe? It means I'm an officer of the British empire. Yes. How did that come about? You know what, it's the most amazing thing because you never know who nominated you. There have to be 12 people. They have to write a letter in and it's about five pages long. Then it goes to committee but they can never reveal who they are. That is so cool. So you got a lot of people that love you. Exactly. That's amazing. Oh, my gosh, it would drive me crazy not knowing. I'd want to know. Exactly. Exactly. I wanted to ask you a question. I recently did a segment with the cast of "Downton abbey" and they taught me how to curtsy. I'm wondering -- that was years and years ago. Is there new etiquette to how you're supposed to handle yourself? There is no new etiquette because it hasn't changed for decades and decades. Leave it to it Brits. You have to go down a certain amount and then -- Exactly. And you can't turn your back on the queen so you have to, like, take steps backwards before you can actually turn. All the way out of the room? Not all the way out of the room. I need that in my life. My boyfriend, don't turn your back on the queen. I love it. That's not what it's for. It's not for your personal -- it's like for the real queen. I support you, keke. Thank you, thank you. We love everything you do, and now bond 25. Daniel Craig is coming back as James bond which surprised a lot of people but did you know well before anybody else? No. I was as surprised as anybody else because nobody tells me anything. I'm always the last to know. I think they're so scared that we might actually tell people what's going on so they don't tell us so you arrive on red carpet and they'll say are you happy that Daniel Craig is coming back and you're like, I didn't know he was. Are you happy, yeah. Are you happy Adele is doing the soundtrack? I didn't know she was. Wow, we just found out now. No, no, I mean the one before. Oh. No, no, no. You know, I was so excited to realize you've been acting since you were like nine years old. Yeah. But this is your first -- the "Black and blue" project is your first leading role? It's my first lead. Really? Wow, I feel like you've been leading in so many but this is the first official lead. How do you feel about that? I am so excited. I love this movie so much. It is to brilliant. It's like everything I always wanted to be a part of because it's a movie with a message, you know. It speaks to what's going on at the moment in the world that needs more attention and it's really inspiring as well. You're not just going to go to the movie and be depressed. You're going to be entertained and uplifted at the end as well. It is destiny. I'm a year out from working. Cannot wait to see this. Tell mama you're okay, baby is okay. And make sure you guys check out "Black and blue." It is in theaters this Friday. Naomie Harris, everybody.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"The actress admits that she's always the last to hear about 007 rumors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66421198","title":"Don't ask Naomie Harris about James Bond","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/naomie-harris-james-bond-66421198"}