Sara takes on the Scripps National Spelling Bee kids

It’s a virtual spell-off when “Spelling The Dream” director Sam Rega and stars Ashrita Gandhari and Akash Vukoti join Sara.
6:38 | 05/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sara takes on the Scripps National Spelling Bee kids
Any everybody unfortunately due to that end up like so many actually its old world Amos Scripps national spelling be it was at eight. This week went yeah. However those you are those of bus were still dying for XLE. Britney in new documentary about and eat and how Indian American community dominated. Her year. Here to discuss his own Eileen big screen is the director and producer and re back in two of the film's stars and some of the best Ehlers in the world and I don't that lightly. Ash read on Hari and half bode. Well. What iron you to meet movie about telling ENS actually as it relates to be Indian American community. It really comes down to that blow language. The producer of the film Chris Weller he'd come to me in to call it. Notice this trend that indeed Americans sellers and winning year year and we realize you're in the midst of this and the unit documentary while he really intrigued by also realized. It was this or dynasty that don't really. Picked up like this is sports dynasty like New York Yankees went to New England Patriots like the Chicago bulls and what's that all came together we knew we had an. There's a section and film delves into the concept even quote American. Release it and I'm. Awful backlash and social media can you tells a little bit about. We always knew that there is going to be seen in this or not the focus. When he it was going to delve in issue is. Every year once we got into the when he sixteen election. And this whole. Dialogue. On American and its became even more part of our country. We knew this he was gonna have an even bigger impact. And what we hope to show and just fire one just like seeing these meetings. Is that everyone realizes. These students are all American here you. You work hard just like anyone and everyone is working hard on that stage practicing. And your family's not here. Just like every other than we or the human error can dream yet it. If you if people don't understand it like these children are of that American dream that we're all our of that then. I hope we changed Yuma. Elect Clinton is. Telling you so much that would lean Judas spending. Much of your child's ears map. Mastering at. It's asking where is leaks all in one where it leads to another at least another in collects goes on I unload its competition I loved everything. Competition and you need a college or eat in the Stephanie. And I realize this is something that I really want you something that I can meet your. I hear the bumper. Or entity turning eleven. In you ain't big eater. Happy happy. Day you use act how do you spend eight or practicing. Murray. I asked me for around three I have Asian hours. Day and then when it comes to the actual. Mean when he gets closer of course are going to increase the amount. Ours I study every day unintentionally. In the week but what can be it's going to be the only thing I'm doing. And it at a little. Three way telling eat right here reexamining did you age or win Serra. Round one Clough hootie. Are not. Clock on the Gucci. Man. It's a French deserved this thing a layer of route such as cherries. Batter and. EL. OEUS. FIC. And close close incorrect. It's actually. CN OAA. FO UTI. Acts. I don't eat your words and you gotta warn into this. Warm. David next word is cursory. Com for. On. CEO. And next hour. Or you. No hey yeah. Earl she. Wu analyst. Yeah. It's there it's back to you okay who. Who knew -- new law. Country abortions. It is point. Music and there. There is no win Serra and personal move whom were new. Correctly. Oh yeah. That is an incident a well yeah. And number eight she you and you. W a KE UT EU. And meet in lieu. There is so close did an earth like I thought there. HU and UH. UMU. And UKU. And UKU. A eight. And then. I got that he IBM. Unique and eating documentary. At eyes are. It's still inspiring to watch a grown woman nice nice and high end game attendance and being Whitman got. It was still on track and you write him axiom may be telling the dream starring action street. And many other meeting young genius starting on June 3 on action don't want to admit that it watching the old amber. He loves so much or being near eight. Earth Day. They are nice. And 18100 they bad.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"It’s a virtual spell-off when “Spelling The Dream” director Sam Rega and stars Ashrita Gandhari and Akash Vukoti join Sara.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70931198","title":"Sara takes on the Scripps National Spelling Bee kids","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-takes-scripps-national-spelling-bee-kids-70931198"}