Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez dish the dirt on Michael

Michael's go-to karaoke song, weird texting habits and more when his Fox co-hosts reveal all.
7:40 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez dish the dirt on Michael
Because it is Michael special day we thought we need fun to talk to two of his closest forehand way. And put incident had to get injured on Michael bullying and given for TU NFL legends and professional football hall of famers. Terry Bradshaw in Tony yeah. I get a little worried knowing you doing here you don't take some about a mile or god whom I talk about us. I would you prefer that talk about. And even the curve ball happy birthday broke Kennedy's birthday it is for now. Didier and I thought your older now. I'm good thank you believe here. I don't know that I think you look good you're gonna mess it up later on will be good they thought the big man known it's good. I'm all ballclub today Bob today hope they hold it hold it become a got. They got some menu. And it can eat up brought some dental floss. Saying good. Those who are. I've been and trial every that would that you got to be here and now. Are they decided the it means the world to me Kate and Tony we do you do you guys do it all comes up now. We weeding your bureau podcast neither did wide open we targeted all that was fun man do you remember I can't remember what his government from around the gulf which is which is good to educate me. He gave him high and automated. Yeah. Yeah. Murdered in. Isn't well why don't when I couldn't do what. Abdel. Read my and that we talked about some good Stubbs businessman Michael Strahan got a lot of wisdom gonna even. I've got my love humble god yeah. I'm a humble likable guy and there. Hey can I ask you got human and beginning of Michael's bond can't see writers need to know from you with he always this widening in professional. I think he admitted phase that when he first came on our show one of those. There's committee funny things but Mike had no idea. That when you go to work for network television football doing football that. You work all year were in. It's like he. So we're having a production meeting talking about the Thanksgiving show. On Thursday. Stars got this fly down to Mexico but olives back footprint actually its dividend. And the losers that none of up whenever show Thursday he let. I'll put also blurred. Well I don't live oh yeah we got us. It's. Nobody do about it until you get time up noting that now we deeply I was gonna quickly today. The fun show to tell you how the artist. The first give you guys got me on fit my first day on the football I'm very first day we gave them half a basket of fruit basket for basket gave him half men jive bread basket. Unfortunately. I can say this as we both men in this before he had gone through rather bad divorce. And so he only half a we felt like half. Everybody you. I'm glad that TDs and tees you up for what you're gonna get when you work with the one thing we get only work if Michael is UA comes in well prepared salaam that Thanksgiving he didn't realize he needed to work Diddy can't come in while preparing. As he prepared. Does the U I think well. Didn't Tony predominately white Morgan good read whom what actually occurred. The Michael shows up me he's got it I personality. Why does it don't know knows Arnold I'm not going. Yeah we want to know more missile would have played NG that this is part in the gap. Clean bill. I like how might not okay. Each of you haven't Elena Garcia let me I could pay you back at some point the only. Where can you find Michael on Saturday evening dual core job or to Al Gore he's not and how I think that the unit Erica. Every day Elmore. Right yeah. Other Durham for the show. I think we got today nobody did Erica tonight to the Obama yes yes I did haircuts between of 600 you know on the street the football so event halftime deficit not come out to cut. I don't have to wait till I didn't happen only pair of men yelled you get a haircut I mean you could tell you yet you do about it. I get jobless numbers six modest. I'm by everything you do. And Goldie during commercial break the law Baja Rebecca some of the video and will. You know you know more on your phone anybody had more than my teenage. It all for sure. Look exchange. And I'm on the West Coast he's on the East Coast and my wife's about to good kick me out of the room because this guy will be taxing them. 4 o'clock in the morning really good job we'll buy you sit what are you can see the W Sydney some is that we games on television like there isn't. Here's what. You don't need it is me and meet Atlanta. Michaels go to karaoke so. We'll have no idea. What's your go to Kerio you don't mind born to lose. They're safe bet. Billy Bob Johnson with good. I didn't. Really the Mexico with the Mexico we say karaoke yes you got up and I think it was ruled on the river yet and you gotta start dancing and singing as I went all out. I'm glad you have video but it haven't gotten. But if you don't throw.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Michael's go-to karaoke song, weird texting habits and more when his Fox co-hosts reveal all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67202485","title":"Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez dish the dirt on Michael","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/terry-bradshaw-tony-gonzalez-dish-dirt-michael-67202485"}